Upcoming Events

We’ve got a lot of events we’re involved with in both Chicago & NYC/Brooklyn coming up and wanted to centralize our calendar here: Launch meeting of Survived & Punished NY chapter: December 10th 1-4pm  Survived & Punished Webinar: Year End Updates & Discussion: Online, December 14th 7pm Emergency Rally for our Fallen Comrade Yang Song: Queens,Continue reading “Upcoming Events”

Holiday Card Writing Party

Amazing turn out at our holiday card writing party for incarcerated sex workers! In total about 20 people joined us to send cards to over 50 of over incarcerated fam. Many thanks to @bluestockings for space and @swopbehindbars for contact names/addresses!  This holiday season, send cards to incarcerated sex workers! Show folx inside some love, and let them knowContinue reading “Holiday Card Writing Party”

Holiday Cards

***THIS EVENT IS IN NYC*** Join the NYC contigent of Support Ho(s)e and accomplices for an afternoon of holiday card writing/making for our incarcerated sex worker family. December 1st, meet at Bluestockings Books at 2PM-4PM and please feel free to bring card making supplies if you’re feeling creative! We’ll be sending letters and cards of love toContinue reading “Holiday Cards”

Rainbow Action Korea

Y’all! Solidarity all the way from Seoul, South Korea! Organizers from Survived and Punished traveled to work with Rainbow Action Korea, an amazing group of queer and trans activists, to do workshops on supporting criminalized survivors and they featured Alisha’s case!! We are so thankful for this support and love! Printing out these to send to LeLeContinue reading “Rainbow Action Korea”

Harms of Pornography

Join sex workers and allies outside of the ‘Harms of Pornography’ conference, to voice resistance to the idea that sex work is inherently damaging, and that it promotes/motivates misogyny, and to provide more nuanced perspectives to those who wish to engage with us. The conference headliners are notoriously sex-shaming (particularly of BDSM/kink) and sex work-negative,Continue reading “Harms of Pornography”


Hey y’all! We’re gonna host a Twitter Power Hour on Sunday, October 1st from 1-2pm EST for Alisha! Follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/supporthosechi to participate by retweeting, liking or tweeting your own content! Here are some sample Tweets for you to use, edit or inspire your own responses! ****** #AlishaWalker is being punished for surviving anContinue reading “HO POWER HOUR”

The Girl Talk: Gender Is A Drag Edition at The Hideout

Hey y’all! One of our organizers, Sophie, will be speaking at this event! Sophie Bee is a writer, speaker, activist, and queer trans woman. She is an organizer with Support Ho(s)e, a radical collective of sex workers, clients, and trusted accomplices building community in Chicago. Support Ho(s)e also runs the Justice For Alisha Walker campaign (https://www.facebook.com/StandWithAlisha/)Continue reading “The Girl Talk: Gender Is A Drag Edition at The Hideout”

Just got off the phone with Alisha & Sherri!

We got some good news, LeLe is doing alright and expects to be off of “D Grade” in just four days! That means she’ll be able to spend normal commissary amounts, receive and send electronic correspondence, and make regular phone calls again! LeLe let us know that they received word that programs are coming backContinue reading “Just got off the phone with Alisha & Sherri!”

Sherri finally received a call from Alisha last night!

We have some updates now about her “d graded” status. Even though Decatur COs have heavily restricted LeLe’s calls, commissary, access to gym/rec, and taken away her electronic correspondence she is doing okay with the support of others inside. Sherri let her know how much money we’ve been raising and that folx on the outsideContinue reading “Sherri finally received a call from Alisha last night!”

SlutWalk Chicago

One of our organizers spoke at #SlutWalkChi about Alisha’s case and the need to center sex working people in anti-victim blaming, anti-slut shaming movements. During this event, one of our comrades was assaulted and arrested by the CPD, here’s a fundraiser supporting them: https://fundrazr.com/51GvGe You can also preorder a sticker in support of Lee here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/538648986/preorder-free-lee-stickerContinue reading “SlutWalk Chicago”

Visiting my friend again.

Erica, Aaron and I were visiting fresh on the heels of Alisha being released from Segregation; punished for articulating she would defend herself if attacked, and naming the COs who had been targeting her for continued harassment. We wanted to be sure to bring her some things to brighten the visit and made a stopContinue reading “Visiting my friend again.”

Visiting LeLe (Part 3)

Alisha was in much better spirits during this visitation (aside from her cello performance) and that may have been due to the fact that she had been released from segregation after 5 days. A conversation with her mother, Sherri, resulted in her placement into isolation- not an incident, an altercation or any type of “misbehavior”Continue reading “Visiting LeLe (Part 3)”


We are excited to announce this roundtable discussion on July 16, 2017 with Red Schulte and the Support Ho(s)e organization to learn about their efforts to build a radical community for sex workers in Chicago, calling for the decriminalization of prostitution and demanding that sex workers, along with ALL workers, are guaranteed a full rangeContinue reading “COMFORT SOCIETY: THE POLITICS OF SEX WORK”

Photos of Alisha’s family from their recent trip to see her!

Getting updates from Sherri, LeLe’s momma! The fam had a wonderful 6 hour visit with Alisha! Apparently LeLe held Voni (her new nephew) the whole time! She really appreciated her momma making the sacrifice to come down with the family even though the warden still won’t allow Sherri to visit Alisha (something we’ve been organizingContinue reading “Photos of Alisha’s family from their recent trip to see her!”


This day, back in 1975, over 100 sex workers occupied the St. Nizier church in Lyon, France to demand respect, better working conditions and an end to police harassment/brutality. They held their occupation for 8 days. Since then sex workers all over the world, primarily in India, have kept this day alive and fighting! TodayContinue reading “HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WHORES’ DAY!”

Alisha and her family still need your support.

This is a link to her fund, moderated by her mother Sherri: https://www.generosity.com/fundraising/alisha-walker-survived-and-punished–2/x/16154967 Please consider making a donation so that her family and friends can afford to visit her, and so that Alisha may be able to have necessary commissary funds. Alternatively, you can find LeLe through the JPay system with her “offender number” Y12381 this way youContinue reading “Alisha and her family still need your support.”

Statement on the “Free Bambi campaign”

After finding out the “#Free Bambi” campaign was not legit, in that there was no actual Bambi but rather someone (or someones) else posing as this person to raise money, there is anger, hurt, confusion and distrust. These feelings are very understandable. We want to say however that our collective does not support any targeted harassment orContinue reading “Statement on the “Free Bambi campaign””

Hos At Hideout

Our Support Ho(s)e organized event Hos At Hideout was such a success! We could not have done it without y’all’s support! All told we raised over $800 for LeLe, her family and our organizing efforts!!! We danced, sang and lifted up those who couldn’t be with us because of state violence. Special thanks to GRÜN WASSER, The Stranger & Fake Limbs forContinue reading “Hos At Hideout”

Visiting Lele: The Cello Performance!

     I was not able to make it to our last planned visit- the first visit to Decatur, following Lele’s transfer from Logan- so I was beyond excited to hear we would be watching her in a theater performance of Shakespeare’s As You Like It.      None of us knew Lele had played theContinue reading “Visiting Lele: The Cello Performance!”

Sanctuary Dinner & Dialogue

The following are prepared remarks from one of our organizers, Red, who participated in last night’s “Sanctuary Dinner & Dialogue.” Red is also one of the artists being featured in the exhibition “Sanctuary: Art Exploring Refuge, Community, and Resistance” curated by the UIC’s Gender & Sexuality Center. In my piece, “The things that people sayContinue reading “Sanctuary Dinner & Dialogue”

“Labor And The State” with panelists: Bill Pelz, Djamil Arbia, and Brit Schulte

How does the State function today? How is it the product of a history of Leftist struggles? Is there a way in which workers in the “Era of Trump” are able make sense of and redeem Labor’s history with the State, to develop, as Marxists contend, a dialectical, rather than affirmative or negative relation toContinue reading ““Labor And The State” with panelists: Bill Pelz, Djamil Arbia, and Brit Schulte”

Our Third Visit

        Home again, whatever that means exactly.  Moving for most people is terrible because it involves putting a bunch of small things into larger boxes, carefully wrapping delicate items—heirlooms, art, instruments, televisions, anything which is not really designed to be packed into a van or truck or other vehicle and moved any distance.  It alsoContinue reading “Our Third Visit”

Sex Worker Centered Guide for Health/Wellness Professionals

In honor of International Sex Worker Rights Day we are sharing our latest toolkit: a Sex Worker Centered Guide for Health/Wellness Professionals. Click here to access the guide, and download in PDF format. This is our first edition and we see this as an organic document that we will be contributing to and updating as necessary.Continue reading “Sex Worker Centered Guide for Health/Wellness Professionals”

Parsing a Miserable But All-Too-Typical Article Concerning Sex Work Which Ostensibly is Not Attempting To Be Whorephobic But In Fact Is

What follows, in un-bolded text, is an article from a major city news source in New Orleans, written without any particularly vested perspective on the matters discussed.  What we’ll quickly discover is an under-researched, uncritical rehearsal of law enforcement diatribe and baseless putting words in the mouths of those whom they purport to serve andContinue reading “Parsing a Miserable But All-Too-Typical Article Concerning Sex Work Which Ostensibly is Not Attempting To Be Whorephobic But In Fact Is”

Solidarity with #NoDAPLchi

The following are remarks from one of our organizers, Red, at today’s demonstration in solidarity with Native & Indigenous resistance. Red improved a bit in person, but their core message is the same: Hey y’all my name is Red and I’m an organizer here in Chicago. I’m here today to stand with The Water Protectors,Continue reading “Solidarity with #NoDAPLchi”

Press Release for 1/18 Action

Chicago: PROTEST THE CENSORING OF BACKPAGE.COM### FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ### Chicago, Illinois – Chicago Sex Workers and their supporters will present “Protest the censoring of Backpage,” taking place at 12 pm in front of Sheriff Tom Dart’s office, in Daley Plaza (50 W Washington) on Wednesday, January 18th, 2017. Backpage.com, THE NUMBER ONE AND MOST EFFECTIVE ADVERTISINGContinue reading “Press Release for 1/18 Action”

Visiting LeLe (Part 1)

         Speaking to another of our collective members upon returning, I found myself having difficulty expressing just what this most recent visit to Alisha had impressed upon me.  The arbitrariness of prison regulations was hardly a surprise, and the length of the drive and waiting around were, at least for me, vastly condensed by knowingContinue reading “Visiting LeLe (Part 1)”


There exist a myriad of organizations, campaigns, collectives and groups that are interested in consciousness raising, labor based organizing and promoting the rights of sex workers and the decriminalization of sex work. Start with the list below: Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP USA) Red Umbrella Fund Support Ho(s)e The English Collective of Prostitutes POWER (ProstitutesContinue reading “Donate/Support/Build”

“Chicago sex workers demand the right to work without threat of violence”

On December 17, a crowd of 30 formed a vigil in front of the Cloud Gate in Millennium Park to honor the lives of sex workers lost to violence. The vigil marked the end of a turbulent year that saw sex worker Alisha Walker sentenced to 15 years in prison after defending herself in a violentContinue reading ““Chicago sex workers demand the right to work without threat of violence””


Chicago: International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers Media Contact: Red S. contact email: brit@nodeathpenalty.org ### FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Chicago, Illinois – Chicago Sex Workers and their supporters will present “Chicago Vigil For #Dec17,” taking place at 5 PM in front of Cloud Gate (‘The Bean’), in Millennium Park (201 E Randolph St), on Saturday,Continue reading “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE”

“Chicago’s Support Ho(s)e Collective Will Hold Vigil for Fallen Sex Workers on #Dec17”

December 17 is the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. In Chicago, members of the collective Support Ho(s)e will be holding vigil with other community members, to remember sex workers who have been lost to violence. Criminalized sex workers are often forced into conditions that heighten the risk of state, intimate partner and client violence.Continue reading ““Chicago’s Support Ho(s)e Collective Will Hold Vigil for Fallen Sex Workers on #Dec17””

Legal resources for activist hos:

First Defense Legal Aid provides free, 24-hour legal representation to people in Chicago Police custody and educates Chicagoans about how to protect their constitutional rights. IF YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW IS BEING HELD BY THE CHICAGO POLICE DEPARTMENT CALL 1-800-529-7374 (1-800-LAW-REP4) FOR A FREE LAWYER, 24 HOURS A DAY, 365 DAYS A YEAR. If you areContinue reading “Legal resources for activist hos:”

Statements from our collective for the National Day of Action to Save Backpage.com

We’re out here today because Backpage is one of the most used sites for self-advertisement, screening, promoting our services and work. Chicago’s Sheriff Tom Dart is attacking one of our best and last remaining working/advertising resources. Due to these attacks workers are forced into hazardous conditions, we become vulnerable to harassment, raids and arrest fromContinue reading “Statements from our collective for the National Day of Action to Save Backpage.com”

Statements from our collective for the National Day of Action to Save Backpage.com

We are here to protest the raid on Backpage.com. A Chicago cop (Tom Dart, aka asshole wanna-be white male savior trying to end demand for sex work- HAHAHAHA) has been fighting against our (sex workers) largest and most affordable advertising platform for years. He successfully convinced all major credit card companies to cease transactions made through BackpageContinue reading “Statements from our collective for the National Day of Action to Save Backpage.com”

Meeting LeLe (Part 3)

When I told my mother that a group of Support Ho(s)e and myself weregoing to visit Alisha Walker at the Logan Correctional Center, I wondered aloudabout the correctional officers we would be forced to comply with prior to meeting her. My mother responded to my rhetorical question with something along the lines of, “you’d haveContinue reading “Meeting LeLe (Part 3)”

Meeting LeLe (Part 2)

As we pull past the last of the cornfields, and the complex of chicken wire, squat brick buildings, and tinted-windowed towers emerges from the green, I am struck, in spite of myself, by thinking of definitions of two terms which are thrown about nearly indiscriminately in the modern vernacular: courage and heroism.  Each of theseContinue reading “Meeting LeLe (Part 2)”

“Why Sex Workers Shouldn’t Vote Green”

In this election, there is no viable option for those of us looking to build a better world. People have exclaimed, “What about Bernie?! What about Jill Stein?” And maybe a little while ago, before looking into their respective platforms, I would have said, “Okay, yeah, sure—but organize.” But fortunately, since then I’ve been schooledContinue reading ““Why Sex Workers Shouldn’t Vote Green””

“The Right To Survive: The Case of Alisha Walker”

Alisha Walker was just 20 years old when she had to defend herself against a client who was drunk and violent. She was 22 when she was convicted of second degree murder and 15 years in prison for defending both her own life and the life of a friend who was also on the scene. She is nowContinue reading ““The Right To Survive: The Case of Alisha Walker””

“Sex workers protest in Chicago changes in French laws”

Sex workers returned April 29 to protest in downtown Chicago, this time in front of the North Michigan Avenue building that houses the French Consulate. The group of around 12 women and men carrying signs said French laws, passed in April, were undermining the safety and economic security of French sex-worker’s union by fining “johns.”Continue reading ““Sex workers protest in Chicago changes in French laws””

“The Myth of ‘Unrapeable’ Women: Sex Work as Work, Porn as Art, and Radical Consent”

What does it mean to be “unrapeable?” It can mean, among other, almost limitless possibilities, that the labor we perform, the industry we work within, those that consume the products of our labor, and those that try desperately to deprive of us self-determined working conditions, somehow belongs to everyone but us. It means that ourContinue reading ““The Myth of ‘Unrapeable’ Women: Sex Work as Work, Porn as Art, and Radical Consent””

“Women: The Longest Revolution” with Magaret Power, Brit Schulte, Yasmin Nair

On November 4, 2015, the Loyola University Chicago chapter of the Platypus Affiliated Society hosted a panel discussion entitled “Women: The Longest Revolution?” The panelists were Margaret Power, professor of History at the Illinois Institute of Technology and the author or editor of several books on Latin American history and the political right; Brit Schulte,Continue reading ““Women: The Longest Revolution” with Magaret Power, Brit Schulte, Yasmin Nair”