Organizing Support.

Political Education.

Radical Community Building.

The Support Ho(s)e Collective is a small Leftist formation of sex workers (current and former) and our trusted co-conspirators based in Chicago, Illinois, New York City, New York, and Austin, Texas.  We aim to build radical community for all sex workers through political education and public agitation. We also coordinate the Justice for Alisha Walker Defense Campaign.

We provide resource-based support for grassroots organizing, including lessons learned on building popular defense campaigns for criminalized survivors of gender-based violence, sex worker-centered political education syllabi, planning protests and demonstrations, holding space for in/formal knowledge sharing sessions, and tool-kits on Media and Health/Wellness from sex working perspectives. 

All of our collective members currently have experience in the commercial sex industry or trade, and/or have been organizing in adjacent queer & trans* community struggles for many years. 

We listen, learn from and center our lived experiences and the experiences of our periphery (and the broader sex working community) as we work toward workers’ rights, ending stigma, decriminalizing all survival, and building spaces for radicalization and political action. 

Our name is a play on popular control top pantyhose and that you can call on us to support Hos. If we can’t seek joy while we do this work, what’s the point?

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