“Formerly Incarcerated Worker Support Program” Intentions, Action & Reflections 

A collaboration between Hacking//Hustling and the Support Ho(s)e Collective by Red Schulte  What follows is a personal reflection and account of a program to support a friend and loved one coming home from prison better navigate technology and outside-change. This will also serve as an introduction to the “container” of our collective work. We startedContinue reading ““Formerly Incarcerated Worker Support Program” Intentions, Action & Reflections “

Equitable Care Certification, launches!

Amplifying a new project one of our comrades, Alisha, is involved with!! The Equitable Care Certification (ECC) is created by sex workers, sex work-affirming therapists and sex working therapists; it is composed of the Equitable Care Coalition & the Curriculum Committee. The Equitable Care Coalition broadly supports the creation of the certification through outreach, marketingContinue reading “Equitable Care Certification, launches!”

#FreeThemAll Seed Quilt: Community Healing and Art Making

So much love and appreciation for Love & Protect, Prison+Neighborhood Arts Project, Rogers Park Seed Library, and Stitch x Stitch Con for yesterday’s (Wednesday, July 13th) beautiful gathering. Hearing Alisha, Monica and Sandra’s poetry recharged our hearts. It was so powerful to participate in building a communal art piece to be installed outside of LoganContinue reading “#FreeThemAll Seed Quilt: Community Healing and Art Making”

Celebrating Alisha’s Freedom Day, one year on!

Today we celebrate ONE YEAR of our friend, comrade, sibling, and organizer Alisha being home!! As Red put it, “My friend has been home for a year. It’s been wild, full of learning, love, and boundaries (!), care, and messiness and most days I still wake up and check my phone to make sure IContinue reading “Celebrating Alisha’s Freedom Day, one year on!”

Funeral & Family Support Funds Needed

Dearest comrades, // CW for mentions of death of a community member below // Alisha’s beloved (step) father passed very unexpectedly. We are writing to ask if y’all could please share and give so that Alisha and her loved ones have the financial support they urgently need. Derrick was a kind, gentle and extremely supportiveContinue reading “Funeral & Family Support Funds Needed”

Let’s welcome Alisha home!

The most recent art fundraiser raffle may be over, but our comrade Dante (they/them) has some words for you to encourage folx to keep sharing and giving to Alisha’s welcome home fund! Please join us in these final pushes to welcome our dear comrade home with an abundance of resources!! http://gofundme.com/support-alisha-walker http://bit.ly/FundLeLe

New article from our comrades Alisha and Red for International Whore’s Day 2021

Something Red and Alisha have been working on for quite some time about the violence of prison technology and the importance of inside/outside communication, is finally debuting today in honor of International Whore’s Day! Please read and share, “Care and Connection as Resistance to State Violence and Surveillance” with your communities! Many thanks to Hacking//HustlingContinue reading “New article from our comrades Alisha and Red for International Whore’s Day 2021”

Generative Virtual Letter Writing Gathering + Fundraising event

Register here: tinyurl.com/Letters4Hos This letter writing workshop series is conducted to raise post- release funds for a dear friend and comrade Alisha Walker. Learn more about Alisha here: http://bit.ly/AlishaWalker During this generative letter writing workshop you will learn: Things to keep in mind before you begin writing to an incarcerated person.Best practices of letter writingContinue reading “Generative Virtual Letter Writing Gathering + Fundraising event”

“Ending Violence Against Sex Workers Means Abolishing Police and Prisons”

Much of the violence experienced by people doing sex work is at the hands of the carceral state; the sexual and physical violence experienced at the hands of clients, abusive partners and neighborhood vigilantes is a direct result of the state’s permissiveness of all forms of violence toward those stigmatized, marginalized and criminalized in society.Continue reading ““Ending Violence Against Sex Workers Means Abolishing Police and Prisons””

Commemorating International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers with Art + Poetry

December 17th is International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. On this day, and always, we honor the memories and lives of those taken from our community and recommit ourselves to solidarity–to the struggle to decriminalize + destigmatize our work and demand an end to criminalization. This is a day to demand the endContinue reading “Commemorating International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers with Art + Poetry”

We Too: Essays on Sex Work and Survival

Mark your calendars! We’re so excited about this The Feminist Press launch event for “WeToo: Essays on Sex Work and Survival” that was just scheduled with Bluestockings Bookstore, Café, & Activist Center for February 18th, 2021. You can purchase suggested donation tickets here. This virtual launch event will be hosted by the amazing Tina Horn!Continue reading “We Too: Essays on Sex Work and Survival”

Updates from Alisha as of this afternoon, 12/12/20:

Alisha has been moved to Housing Unit 4, the “sick unit.” She’s dealing with bad headaches now but no other change, it’s definitely covid, her test results came back positive. For now, she can still call and email but is unsure about video visits because the GTL kiosk screen on the “sick unit” has beenContinue reading “Updates from Alisha as of this afternoon, 12/12/20:”

Alisha’s covid testing updates

Logan Prison COs are pulling Alisha and others off their unit this morning (12/10/20) for testing. She got a call out to Red and Sherri to let them know. If positive for covid, she likely won’t be able to call for 2 weeks because there’s only one phone on the so-called “quarantine” unit. That “quarantine”Continue reading “Alisha’s covid testing updates”

Keep LeLe in your hearts…

Comrades, our fears are playing out every day, and now this. One of our organizers just had a video visit with Alisha and let us know that Lele is sick with COVID like symptoms and will be tested on Thursday. The delay is apparently due to the prison wanting to wait in order to saveContinue reading “Keep LeLe in your hearts…”

Giving Tuesday!

It’s #GivingTuesday and our dear comrades Uptown People’s Law Center + Lifted Voices have helped us create a new, tax-deductible platform to boost our post-release fund for Alisha! Donate TODAY to show up for a criminalized survivor as we plan for her release. Our goal is to raise $10K for this #GivingTuesday for Alisha’s post-releaseContinue reading “Giving Tuesday!”

Action Reminder!

Logan Prison is on increased lockdown AGAIN because a CO tested positive. Governor JB Pritzker, Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton when will our loved ones be released?? Our friends, family and comrades are trapped inside these deadly cages. We see and hear about this injustice. We are watching. Comrades, rise up with us to call, email,Continue reading “Action Reminder!”

Audio Interference + Survived & Punished NY podcast episode featuring Alisha!

Audio Interference 77.5: Archiving Abolition—Alisha Walker Listen to the episode here. Letters from Comrades on the Inside: In this episode, we hear from Alisha Walker, a comrade on the inside whose story is uplifted by Survived and Punished. She shares her experiences as an incarcerated person and her thoughts on justice and access to information.Continue reading “Audio Interference + Survived & Punished NY podcast episode featuring Alisha!”

Updates from LeLe (9/23/20)

Last night Alisha had another video visit cancelled, but she was able to have one earlier in the week with another of our comrades and she was able to get a call out this morning with updates from “Hell” aka Logan Correctional.  After almost all of her personal items (clothes, letters, food, photos, bedding, etc)Continue reading “Updates from LeLe (9/23/20)”

Alisha Walker: Survived & Punished

We’d love for y’all to check out this video resource we co-created with Survived & Punished, Mariame Kaba and BCRW about Alisha’s case back in 2017/2018: https://vimeo.com/255412331 This video was conceived by Mariame Kaba and narrated by CeCe McDonald. Directed and produced by Dean Spade and Hope Dector. Audio editing by Lewis Wallace. Artwork andContinue reading “Alisha Walker: Survived & Punished”

Update as of Wednesday, August 5th!

Alisha is finally out of quarantine/isolation after her forced relocation/transfer to Logan prison from Decatur prison. She just got a call out to Red and wanted some updates shared!  She’s beginning to recover from stomach/digestive issues that were a result of her not having access to safe drinking water or edible food for the pastContinue reading “Update as of Wednesday, August 5th!”

We got word from LeLe last night (7/30)!

Those who’ve been emailing her, she’s sending updates as fast as those CO censors will approve them!  She’s got lots of takes on Logan vs Decatur! She’s hating the isolation, the lack of edible food, the lack of art supplies but she is looking forward to reconnecting with friends + family inside at Logan.  She’sContinue reading “We got word from LeLe last night (7/30)!”

Update as of Wednesday 7/22: LeLe forcibly relocated to Logan Prison

We received word from our emergency phone tree that Alisha is being relocated (against her will) to Logan prison. We do not know specifically why, but we believe it is in direct relation to the existing harassment and retaliation she has recently endured. Her mom Sherri was able to get through to the prison to confirmContinue reading “Update as of Wednesday 7/22: LeLe forcibly relocated to Logan Prison”

Update from Alisha (as of 7/21) via email

C-grade kicked in so I cant make phone calls! I don’t know what else that includes as of right now..I can only call on Mondays I think? Tell everyone please! Idk about video visits? I just don’t know about anything, but I’m grieving it all because it’s very excessive for what actually happened! So it’sContinue reading “Update from Alisha (as of 7/21) via email”

Updates from Alisha as of Tuesday, 7/14

Alisha sends her love and appreciation to everyone who’s been calling, writing, emailing and faxing to support her clemency and to demand an end to solitary confinement and punishment against inside organizing. She asks to please keep it up! Please see bit.ly/AlishaAdvocate for how to get involved!  So far, there has been only one incident that we’ve heardContinue reading “Updates from Alisha as of Tuesday, 7/14”

July 8 // Actions to support Alisha!

Starting at 10AM cst! Call throughout the afternoon!  Phone/Email/Fax Jam for LeLe + demanding an end to solitary confinement (aka SEG) + the immediate release of everyone caged inside IDOC!  Sample Letter/Email/Fax/Call Script:  My name is _______, and I’m (calling/writing) to demand an end to solitary confinement (aka “SEG”) and retaliation against the self-organizing amongstContinue reading “July 8 // Actions to support Alisha!”

Update from Alisha // Monday, July 6th

After 5 days without contact, we finally heard from our friend. Alisha called Red around 2:30pm today, immediately after being released from “SEG” (solitary confinement) after 5 days of severe isolation. On Thursday, July 2nd Alisha and several other comrades gathered (what she described as peacefully sitting together) to discuss their growing concerns for eachContinue reading “Update from Alisha // Monday, July 6th”

Video Visit with Alisha cancelled

Well the prison cancelled Red + AH’s first video visit with Alisha this morning. No warning, started the visit, empty chair where LeLe should be and then shut it off after 2 min. They waited for their second visit (so they’d have almost half an hour to visit) and that one was left on aContinue reading “Video Visit with Alisha cancelled”

Support Ho(s)e IWD 2020 Statement

[Intro]  Hey y’all, I’m sharing on behalf of our collective, both inside and outside members, but I want to give a special s/o to our comrade Alisha Walker who contributed heavily to the writing and shaping of this statement.  Alisha “LeLe” Walker is an incarcerated former sex worker and current inside organizer with the SupportContinue reading “Support Ho(s)e IWD 2020 Statement”

“If U Only Knew How They Were Really Doing Us”: Inside/Outside Communication During A Pandemic

ICYMI: Red & Alisha wrote a piece for Tits and Sass, that also features words by our comrade, Lorena*.  “This pandemic is yet another horrifying worst case scenario. It exists on top of Alisha’s incarceration being its own terror and the assault on her life being another. And of course, all of this exists in theContinue reading ““If U Only Knew How They Were Really Doing Us”: Inside/Outside Communication During A Pandemic”

“We got masks today.”

Alisha just called with an update! As of Saturday, May 2nd, 2:30pm est: Each incarcerated person inside Decatur has been given one (and only one) “medical grade” mask with their name and ID number written across the front of it in sharpie (so all they can smell are the marker fumes). She also mentioned that theContinue reading ““We got masks today.””

Updates from Alisha!

Tuesday, 3/24 Afternoon Call  LeLe, and many others inside, elected to get flu shots that were being offered by Decatur yesterday.  Last night through this morning Alisha and others she knows on unit, including a close friend experienced allergic reactions as a result of the shots ranging from mild to serious. Alisha’s friend went intoContinue reading “Updates from Alisha!”

Updates from LeLe

3/21 Morning Call  Decatur has implemented “Administrative Quarantine” furthering their lockdown practices. The incarcerated mothers with babies have been released. Many had no where to go, LeLe heard some had been sent to shelters/hotels but has no way of confirming this. She’s worried for them. She’s worried for herself and those left caged. They prisonContinue reading “Updates from LeLe”

Updates from Alisha!

3/18/2020 More updates from Alisha, as of this afternoon!  Red and LeLe had a check-in call, LeLe’s voice was bright and hopeful. Alisha let us know that so far no one inside Decatur is sick/showing signs of symptoms, commissary is still open, and soap is still available. LeLe is super worried about her fellow incarceratedContinue reading “Updates from Alisha!”

Updates from LeLe during this on-going pandemic:

Red spoke with Alisha on Friday (3/13), and LeLe said Decatur is going on lockdown. All in-person visitation has been cancelled, and video visits are tentatively going forward, but that it is unclear if GTL tech staff will be allowed into the prison for technical support and administration of video visitation. LeLe also mentioned thatContinue reading “Updates from LeLe during this on-going pandemic:”

Happy 27th Birthday LeLe

Much love to everyone who tuned into our #HoPowerHour today on Twitter to celebrate Alisha’s birthday with us! Follow us there too, if you don’t already: @supporthosechi Thank you for amplifying LeLe’s resilience and story! Here’s to building more radical care that uplifts all those who love themselves so much, they survive, by any means. #HappyBirthdayLeLe

From yesterday’s (01/02/2020) trip to see Alisha.

It may be a new year, but we’re our same old “fuck prison” selves. LeLe sends love and appreciation to everyone who sent holiday solidarity! Below are some reflections from Red about their visit: Finally getting together my notes and reflections (that I can share on here) from our visit. Reeling from the news ofContinue reading “From yesterday’s (01/02/2020) trip to see Alisha.”

Today’s Video Visit

Just had a video visit with Alisha this morning! Of course the quality of the video was terrible and the sound kept cutting in and out, again. This has become expected, but no less frustrating.  We caught up on organizing tasks for our collective, what she’s reading now (digging into some romance novels after finishingContinue reading “Today’s Video Visit”

One of our organizers went out to see Alisha on August 10th:

Yesterday was a solo trip to see Alisha. Those drives are filled with corn fields and rage. It’s tradition though at this point; a full range of photos documenting visits over the years, so who am I to not take one even though I felt and looked worse for wear. We had a great longContinue reading “One of our organizers went out to see Alisha on August 10th:”

LeLe sent us updated photos!

Look at our beautiful comrade! Have you been looking for ways to support Alisha? Please donate toward commissary and visitation needs here: https://www.gofundme.com/support-alisha-walker You can also contribute via Venmo now: @SxHxCollective Please sign and share this petition created by a supporter:www.care2.com/FreeAlisha Please write to Alisha by mail:Ms. Alisha Walker #Y12381Decatur CorrectionalPO BOX 3066Decatur, IL 62524 Please writeContinue reading “LeLe sent us updated photos!”

A few of us roadtripped to see Alisha yesterday!

We brought her a copy of Emily Thuma’s “All Our Trials” and some of her favorite magazines (unfortunately the racist mailroom at Decatur censors Source Magazine now, so we couldn’t bring that one in to her). We spent over 5 hours with our friend, and have lots to share in reflection posts soon! Want toContinue reading “A few of us roadtripped to see Alisha yesterday!”

Video Visit with Alisha Walker

The morning of Saturday, March 23rd, Alisha called and said she’s being refused a slip for our rescheduled video visit this evening. Right now there is nothing closer to Hell for someone on the outside, trying to reach someone caged, than talking to prison COs on the phone, and trying to get answers to anythingContinue reading “Video Visit with Alisha Walker”

Alisha Walker Was Criminalized For Surviving – Demand Her Release Now!

https://www.thepetitionsite.com/143/022/268/ TODAY celebrate Alisha’s birthday by signing and sharing this newly created petition! The community member who created this is working with us to ensure actions and urgent updates can be sent out to all those who sign! 

“Help me stay connected to my community.”

Alisha reflects on the importance of visitations and the heartbreaking reality of being kept apart from loved-ones, she sent us this statement today: My family is everything to me. They we’re the push behind my hustle, and my motivation to keep pressing through hard times. No matter what I do or where I go myContinue reading ““Help me stay connected to my community.””

We’ve got some important updates to reemphasize!

Two of our comrades had a great (albeit always frustrating because of COs and new prison visitation policies) visit with Alisha yesterday! We’ve got some important updates to reemphasize! Alisha is so overjoyed by all the letters y’all send! If you’d like a response from LeLe in a timely fashion and in a manner that’sContinue reading “We’ve got some important updates to reemphasize!”

Updates from Red’s recent visit on June 28th

Last week Red drove out to visit Alisha again, and LeLe had some new asks to share! -She is so overjoyed by all the letters y’all send! If you’d like a response from LeLe in a timely fashion and in a manner that’s more comfy for her to write a lot using AND is theContinue reading “Updates from Red’s recent visit on June 28th”

Visitation Reflection June 21st, 2018

Alisha was nervous about us driving in the rain. She called twice to check on us while we were on the road. It’s about three hours without traffic or under normal weather conditions. It took us a long while to reach the prison because the torrential downpour forced us to take it slow almost theContinue reading “Visitation Reflection June 21st, 2018”

Alisha Walker should be FREE!

Look at our beautiful comrade! This photo was taken for Mother’s Day and the prison finally released it to us! Learn about her case here: https://vimeo.com/255412331 Support her here: https://www.youcaring.com/alishawalker-1147127 Sign our petition for her clemency here: https://www.change.org/p/bruce-rauner-clemency-for-criminalized-survivor-alisha-walker

Visitation Reflection, April 28th

I really anticipated not being able to write a reflection that would be of much value after this visit.  I was excited to see my little sister light up a stage, as I expected she would, and she did.  It occurred to me that A Midsummer Night’s Dream was the first Shakespeare play I couldContinue reading “Visitation Reflection, April 28th”

Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream

This weekend we got to celebrate with Alisha as she nailed her performance in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream! This year she acted instead of playing cello in the band! (She tried to do both, because of course she did.) We’ll have visitation reflections as soon as we can…though it was an amazing performance, theContinue reading “Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Alisha Walker – Survived and Punished

Alisha Walker is a 25 year old sex worker from Akron, Ohio. In January 2014 when she was 19 years old, Alisha was attacked by a client, Alan Filan, in his Chicago home. Filan had become angry when Alisha refused unsafe services, punching her in the face before grabbing a knife from the kitchen. AlishaContinue reading “Alisha Walker – Survived and Punished”

Happy 25th Birthday to our friend, our comrade, our fellow collective member Alisha Walker!

She is such a positive force in our lives and she should be free to heal and grow with her friends and family! #SurvivedAndPunished #FreeLeLe Today we will celebrate Alisha’s resistance, her strength to survive and fight her criminalization. Please consider supporting her with one or more of the ways below: GIVE directly to Alisha’s commissary: https://www.jpay.com/PMoneyTransfer.aspxAlisha’sContinue reading “Happy 25th Birthday to our friend, our comrade, our fellow collective member Alisha Walker!”

New Campaign for Clemency

On Monday, February 12th we will be beginning a new online campaign for Alisha with the help of Survived and Punished and folks from Barnard Center for Research on Women – BCRW. We will celebrate Alisha’s birthday this coming Sunday and the next day launch into a petition and letter writing drive demanding clemency for LeLe. This couldn’tContinue reading “New Campaign for Clemency”

Alisha’s birthday is less than a week away!

On February 11th LeLe will be celebrating her 25th year around the sun. Unfortunately, she will be spending in behind bars. We are organizing so that this is the last birthday she will ever have to spend incarcerated. Support Alisha. Support Survivors. Support Sex Workers. Help us celebrate our comrade a few different ways: GIVEContinue reading “Alisha’s birthday is less than a week away!”

Sex Worker, Capacious Heart, Revolutionary Gestation

What it gets you: Knowing the enemy and which is the weaker sex.  “I have been around men for too long” to be taken advantage of ever again.  She can be afraid and she can be wrong, she can be beaten and, apparently, caged, but only for so long.  There is no further margin ofContinue reading “Sex Worker, Capacious Heart, Revolutionary Gestation”

Visiting; a new year.

We drove through snowy desolate bullshit to see our friend on January 3rd. Thankfully our visit lasted for over 4 hours and the heat was working in the visitation room at Decatur. Our conversation was stream of consciousness, chaotic, excited, it later morphed into reflection and pause while we imagined things to come. She hadContinue reading “Visiting; a new year.”

Decatur Correctional is withholding medical care

We heard from Alisha earlier today. Decatur’s medical unit is refusing to give her a blood test to screen for the cause of severe joint pain and swelling she’s having for no damn reason. Offering her advil only, not approving doctor visits even tho she’s paid to see one. She described unbearable pain when speakingContinue reading “Decatur Correctional is withholding medical care”

We were able to visit Alisha yesterday to celebrate the New Year!

Pictured here are our xmas presents to her based on her requests (she loved them!). All in all Alisha was in good spirits and looked great! We were able to spend just over 4 hours catching up and she was able to do a property release for a poster she created for domestic violence awareness.Continue reading “We were able to visit Alisha yesterday to celebrate the New Year!”

Reflecting on our 5th visit to see Alisha.

Perhaps this is the difficult center now.  The span when the drive down doesn’t seem so long, and we know the highway exit names, when we inadvertently make the same stops on the way down, and deliberately on the way back.  We do not need to bring any particular agendas to see Alisha, and thereContinue reading “Reflecting on our 5th visit to see Alisha.”

Rainbow Action Korea

Y’all! Solidarity all the way from Seoul, South Korea! Organizers from Survived and Punished traveled to work with Rainbow Action Korea, an amazing group of queer and trans activists, to do workshops on supporting criminalized survivors and they featured Alisha’s case!! We are so thankful for this support and love! Printing out these to send to LeLeContinue reading “Rainbow Action Korea”

Just got off the phone with Alisha & Sherri!

We got some good news, LeLe is doing alright and expects to be off of “D Grade” in just four days! That means she’ll be able to spend normal commissary amounts, receive and send electronic correspondence, and make regular phone calls again! LeLe let us know that they received word that programs are coming backContinue reading “Just got off the phone with Alisha & Sherri!”

Sherri finally received a call from Alisha last night!

We have some updates now about her “d graded” status. Even though Decatur COs have heavily restricted LeLe’s calls, commissary, access to gym/rec, and taken away her electronic correspondence she is doing okay with the support of others inside. Sherri let her know how much money we’ve been raising and that folx on the outsideContinue reading “Sherri finally received a call from Alisha last night!”

Visiting my friend again.

Erica, Aaron and I were visiting fresh on the heels of Alisha being released from Segregation; punished for articulating she would defend herself if attacked, and naming the COs who had been targeting her for continued harassment. We wanted to be sure to bring her some things to brighten the visit and made a stopContinue reading “Visiting my friend again.”

Visiting LeLe (Part 3)

Alisha was in much better spirits during this visitation (aside from her cello performance) and that may have been due to the fact that she had been released from segregation after 5 days. A conversation with her mother, Sherri, resulted in her placement into isolation- not an incident, an altercation or any type of “misbehavior”Continue reading “Visiting LeLe (Part 3)”

Photos of Alisha’s family from their recent trip to see her!

Getting updates from Sherri, LeLe’s momma! The fam had a wonderful 6 hour visit with Alisha! Apparently LeLe held Voni (her new nephew) the whole time! She really appreciated her momma making the sacrifice to come down with the family even though the warden still won’t allow Sherri to visit Alisha (something we’ve been organizingContinue reading “Photos of Alisha’s family from their recent trip to see her!”

Alisha and her family still need your support.

This is a link to her fund, moderated by her mother Sherri: https://www.generosity.com/fundraising/alisha-walker-survived-and-punished–2/x/16154967 Please consider making a donation so that her family and friends can afford to visit her, and so that Alisha may be able to have necessary commissary funds. Alternatively, you can find LeLe through the JPay system with her “offender number” Y12381 this way youContinue reading “Alisha and her family still need your support.”

Visiting Lele: The Cello Performance!

     I was not able to make it to our last planned visit- the first visit to Decatur, following Lele’s transfer from Logan- so I was beyond excited to hear we would be watching her in a theater performance of Shakespeare’s As You Like It.      None of us knew Lele had played theContinue reading “Visiting Lele: The Cello Performance!”

Our Third Visit

        Home again, whatever that means exactly.  Moving for most people is terrible because it involves putting a bunch of small things into larger boxes, carefully wrapping delicate items—heirlooms, art, instruments, televisions, anything which is not really designed to be packed into a van or truck or other vehicle and moved any distance.  It alsoContinue reading “Our Third Visit”

Visiting LeLe (Part 1)

         Speaking to another of our collective members upon returning, I found myself having difficulty expressing just what this most recent visit to Alisha had impressed upon me.  The arbitrariness of prison regulations was hardly a surprise, and the length of the drive and waiting around were, at least for me, vastly condensed by knowingContinue reading “Visiting LeLe (Part 1)”

“Chicago sex workers demand the right to work without threat of violence”

On December 17, a crowd of 30 formed a vigil in front of the Cloud Gate in Millennium Park to honor the lives of sex workers lost to violence. The vigil marked the end of a turbulent year that saw sex worker Alisha Walker sentenced to 15 years in prison after defending herself in a violentContinue reading ““Chicago sex workers demand the right to work without threat of violence””

Meeting LeLe (Part 3)

When I told my mother that a group of Support Ho(s)e and myself weregoing to visit Alisha Walker at the Logan Correctional Center, I wondered aloudabout the correctional officers we would be forced to comply with prior to meeting her. My mother responded to my rhetorical question with something along the lines of, “you’d haveContinue reading “Meeting LeLe (Part 3)”

Meeting LeLe (Part 2)

As we pull past the last of the cornfields, and the complex of chicken wire, squat brick buildings, and tinted-windowed towers emerges from the green, I am struck, in spite of myself, by thinking of definitions of two terms which are thrown about nearly indiscriminately in the modern vernacular: courage and heroism.  Each of theseContinue reading “Meeting LeLe (Part 2)”