“Sex Workers Have Never Counted on Cops. Let’s Learn From Their Safety Tactics.”

One of our organizers spoke with Mike Ludwig for Truthout, about sex worker mutual aid and safety outside the carceral state:  “In the face of criminalization and whorephobic violence, sex working people have always sought to create our own systems of support and protection outside of the cops, criminal legal processes and societally accepted channels becauseContinue reading ““Sex Workers Have Never Counted on Cops. Let’s Learn From Their Safety Tactics.””

“Resolution Condemning SESTA-FOSTA”

BE IT RESOLVED, NLG condemns SESTA-FOSTA and all attempts to further criminalize people’s involvement in the sex trade. NLG is in solidarity with the plaintiffs in Woodhull Freedom Foundation et al. v. United States and all others harmed by SESTA-FOSTA. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, in line with the 2016 NLG Resolution Supporting the Abolition of Prisons, theContinue reading ““Resolution Condemning SESTA-FOSTA””

Hacking//Hustling: A Platform for Sex Workers in a Post-SESTA World

A new federal law called SESTA (Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act) has endangered sex workers and resulted in their erasure from online platforms that once provided work, community and safety.  Organized in collaboration with Melissa Gira Grant and Danielle Blunt, Hacking//Hustling: A Platform for Sex Workers in a Post-SESTA World is a two-day program of conversations and tacticalContinue reading “Hacking//Hustling: A Platform for Sex Workers in a Post-SESTA World”

“New York’s Sex Workers Rally to Take Back International Whores Day: ‘Let Us Survive’”

The whorestory of the day traces back to 1975, when a group of over 100 sex workers occupied a church in Lyon, France for eight days. Their protests against police brutality and harassment, and demands for an end to the humiliation and violence, still resonate with a criminalized and marginalized population. Red Schulte, an organizer with SupportContinue reading ““New York’s Sex Workers Rally to Take Back International Whores Day: ‘Let Us Survive’””

We Can All Be Safe

New art for #InternationalWhoresDay this Saturday 6/2! Created by Micah Bazant with Jessica Raven & Nona Connor. ..From Micah: In April, the federal govt passed SESTA— a law that *claims* to protect survivors of sex trafficking. But SESTA doesn’t protect anyone. Its endangering youth AND adult sex workers, forcing folks back out onto the streets where people are beingContinue reading “We Can All Be Safe”

The Truth About SESTA

On April 11, SESTA – the so-called Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act – was signed into law by Donald Trump. But who’s really affected by SESTA? Consensual sex workers, victims of abuse – your favorite dating site? What will SESTA mean for our communities, for freedom of speech, and for the future of the prison-industrialContinue reading “The Truth About SESTA”

What’s Next for #StopSESTA?

Firstly, a huge, deeply felt thank you to all of y’all who have been fighting against SESTA/FOSTA. Tweeting, calling, writing letters, meeting with staffers, spreading the word–you’ve pushed the issue of rights and safety for everyone in the sex trade into the minds of so many. We’re still trying to wrap our heads around yourContinue reading “What’s Next for #StopSESTA?”


TOMORROW & WEDNESDAY (3/6-7) 11AM- 2PM EST  We’re asking for a full social media push against SESTA! The SESTA debate/vote will likely take place on Monday 3/12.  USE THESE #TAGS: #LetUsSurvive #SurvivorsAgainstSESTA #SESTA (so people know the bill, S. 1693) #StopSESTA (used mostly by the tech community)  We NEED YOU to take action! Tweet storms, phone/fax/emailContinue reading “ALL THE INFO YOU NEED TO FIGHT BACK AGAINST SESTA!”

Stop #FOSTA Sample Tweets

Join Sex Workers, Community Advocates & Co-Strugglers for a Twitter Storm/ Power Hour TODAY @ 3PM EST to demand HB 1865 “FOSTA” gets SHUT DOW! Sample tweets below! This bill will hurt already criminalized working people and survivors!  POWER HOUR against #FOSTA starts NOW! Support sex workers, survivors and free speech online by demanding your repsContinue reading “Stop #FOSTA Sample Tweets”


From our close contact Kate with Reframe Health & Justice:  TOMORROW, at 5pm on the Rules Committee in the House is marking up a bill (H. 1865) which would: – Create a federal crime for facilitating sexual exchange online punishable by up to ten years. This would criminalize hosting safety information online, harm reduction techniques like askingContinue reading “#SurvivorsAgainstFOSTA”