Now & Always Free Palestine!

Our comrades have been taking to the streets in solidarity in Chicago, NYC and Austin, TX! We’ve been in this struggle and we will never be silent on Palestinian liberation! Join us in shouting/signing SEX WORKERS FOR A FREE PALESTINE! 🍉🖤❤️🇵🇸

Tabling at the first annual Midwest Queer & Trans Zine Fest!

October 21st at Open Book Minneapolis! Reflections from Red: Day One of Midwest Queer & Trans Zine Fest is in the bag!! What a day! So many amazing zinesters, and so many wonderful supporters—it was a busy, bustling, beautiful time! Getting to see beloved comrades and meet new pals did my heart so good. MuchContinue reading “Tabling at the first annual Midwest Queer & Trans Zine Fest!”

New York Queer Zine Fair Recap!

What an absolute whirlwind of a day! The New York Queer Zine Fair (October 7th, at The Center) was such a blissed out blur! Much love and appreciation to all the amazing zinesters we got to meet and chat with and snag zines from! Many thanks to the organizers and especially Kel for being soContinue reading “New York Queer Zine Fair Recap!”

Our Second Year at LSZF!

The 7th annual Lone Star Zine Fest was such a blast! Got to see some beautiful and powerful familiar faces and meet new zine pals. Everyone was so damn nice and supportive! We got to talk decrim and abolition with dozens of people and not one garbage thing was said to me!!! That’s literally neverContinue reading “Our Second Year at LSZF!”

National Overdose Prevention Day!

On August 31st some of our comrades participated in harm reduction focused actions / gatherings in their respective cities in solidarity with drug-using community members and their families to grieve those we’ve lost, to organize, and to offer support in making harm reduction kits for distribution. Sex working and drug using communities have taught usContinue reading “National Overdose Prevention Day!”

Zine Pavilion Reflections!

Day One! The first night of Zine Pavilion in the bag, and no scary shit! In fact, mostly excellent shit! What a lovely opening night— several librarians from around the US bought our zines to add to their library’s holdings and said such supportive/kind things about our work, and told us they were so excitedContinue reading “Zine Pavilion Reflections!”

SxHx @ Zine Pavilion 2023!

See everyone at the American Library Association’s Annual Conference, the biggest library event of the year, for Zine Pavilion! We’ll be tabling Friday evening and ALL day Saturday (June 23rd & June 24th) We’re so grateful to our extended community for helping us get an org safety plan together to make this feel doable after experiencingContinue reading “SxHx @ Zine Pavilion 2023!”

International Whores Day 2023

Happy #InternationalWhoresDay from Chicago, and the Haymarket Memorial! Sex working, trading, and hustling people have always been comrades in revolutionary struggle! Celebrate with us, and join in the fight for a better world! See our #IWD2023 threads on Twitter for resources, other radical comrades to follow and support, art, zines and more!

Chicago Zine Fest 2023 Recap!

Chicago Zine Fest 2023 was a (mostly*) magical time! Many thanks to all those who stopped by our table on Saturday (5/20/23) to talk, ask questions, voice support and solidarity! Big love to all those who supported our organizing and mutual aid efforts by buying our zines!! Our core crew was able to all gather,Continue reading “Chicago Zine Fest 2023 Recap!”

Lone Star Zine Fest roundup!

From Sunday’s (12/4/22) rainy but lovely tabling under the big top of Lone Star Zine Fest — seven hours of non-stop zine swapping, slinging and talking about decrim, abolition and collective zine making. On the whole, a really welcoming experience!! There were a few YIKES moments…but thankfully they didn’t linger. Was also so thrilled withContinue reading “Lone Star Zine Fest roundup!”

“Supporting Sex Workers & Survivors: Lessons for Defense Campaigns” Virtual Toolkit Launch!

Join us and our comrades Survived and Punished for a virtual toolkit launch of our latest collaboration: “Supporting Sex Workers & Survivors: Lessons for Defense Campaigns” on Dec. 8th @ 6PM ET. Closed Captioning is available via Zoom. Stream the webinar here: Our comrades Red and LiLi will be joined by Alisa Bierria ofContinue reading ““Supporting Sex Workers & Survivors: Lessons for Defense Campaigns” Virtual Toolkit Launch!”

Find our zines at the Lone Star Zine Fest this year!

The 6th annual Lone Star Zine Fest is happening on Sunday, December 4th, 2022, at The Far Out Lounge in Austin, TX and some of our comrades will be there tabling! We’ll have copies of our classic distro titles and hopefully (if we can get everything finalized) copies of our latest zine, Year 6!! AContinue reading “Find our zines at the Lone Star Zine Fest this year!”

Upcoming “Interrupting Criminalization” event!

Mark your calendars! On Nov. 30 at 4-6 PM ET join Interrupting Criminalization for their latest online #NoMorePolice event, featuring editors/contributors to Abolition Feminisms—including our comrade, Alisha! They’ll be discussing the criminalization of survivors and how survivors are leading abolitionist movements. Register here.

Grateful for USU comrades!

Thank you to everyone who was on and/or helped organize the URBAN SURVIVORS UNION NATIONAL sex worker call tonight. So much understanding, compassion and knowledge. Feeling seen! All our love and appreciation đź’“

#FreeThemAll Seed Quilt: Community Healing and Art Making

So much love and appreciation for Love & Protect, Prison+Neighborhood Arts Project, Rogers Park Seed Library, and Stitch x Stitch Con for yesterday’s (Wednesday, July 13th) beautiful gathering. Hearing Alisha, Monica and Sandra’s poetry recharged our hearts. It was so powerful to participate in building a communal art piece to be installed outside of LoganContinue reading “#FreeThemAll Seed Quilt: Community Healing and Art Making”

One of our comrades to present at “Exhibitionism: Sexuality at the Museum” 2021 conference

Saturday, December 11th Reflections from a Movement Art Whorestorian / The Sex Worker Gazes Back 2:45 PM – 4:15 PM EST Talk Description: Reflections from a Movement Art Whorestorian / The Sex Worker Gazes Back will be a presentation space that documents, names and traces sex worker movement organizing, art making, curating, and resistance fromContinue reading “One of our comrades to present at “Exhibitionism: Sexuality at the Museum” 2021 conference”

Virtual poetry workshops that benefit Alisha’s coming home fund!

Our comrade Donna has created MORE beautiful virtual writing spaces to help continue raising funds for Alisha’s post-release and welcome home needs! Check out the latest series of event we’re debuting: and register soon! Spaces will fill up!

Generative Virtual Letter Writing Gathering + Fundraising event

Register here: This letter writing workshop series is conducted to raise post- release funds for a dear friend and comrade Alisha Walker. Learn more about Alisha here: During this generative letter writing workshop you will learn: Things to keep in mind before you begin writing to an incarcerated person.Best practices of letter writingContinue reading “Generative Virtual Letter Writing Gathering + Fundraising event”

St. Valentine’s Day in San Francisco declared Margo St. James Day & Memorial Save the Date!

San Francisco Supervisor Rafael Mandelman, and the St. James Infirmary, named for its most storied founder Margo St. James, announced that St. Valentine’s Day in San Francisco is now officially, Margo St. James Day. St. James, who founded the prostitutes’ rights organization, COYOTE, (Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics), and later, the St. James Infirmary,Continue reading “St. Valentine’s Day in San Francisco declared Margo St. James Day & Memorial Save the Date!”

July 8 // Actions to support Alisha!

Starting at 10AM cst! Call throughout the afternoon!  Phone/Email/Fax Jam for LeLe + demanding an end to solitary confinement (aka SEG) + the immediate release of everyone caged inside IDOC!  Sample Letter/Email/Fax/Call Script:  My name is _______, and I’m (calling/writing) to demand an end to solitary confinement (aka “SEG”) and retaliation against the self-organizing amongstContinue reading “July 8 // Actions to support Alisha!”

$80k raised for Give OUT Day!

We heard y’all really showed up for Third Wave Fund’s Sex Worker Giving Circle yesterday for Give OUT Day đź’— The grand total was over $80k raised to resource grassroots sex worker-led organizing!  Thank you to everyone who gave and/or amplified the fundraising efforts! You’re helping to build community power and resource the most impacted toward all our collectiveContinue reading “$80k raised for Give OUT Day!”

“Prison Is Abuse: Understanding Prisons, Abuse of Power, and Control” Virtual Discussion

From Project NIA: This conversation between Dr. Beth Richie, Moni Cosby & Rachel CaĂŻdor is excellent. It kicks off Love & Protect & Moms United Against Violence and Incarceration’s Prison Is Gender Violence, Free All Survivors Week of Action. It addresses the ways that prison IS gender violence, and why we must work toward abolition ifContinue reading ““Prison Is Abuse: Understanding Prisons, Abuse of Power, and Control” Virtual Discussion”

Have you heard about Give OUT Day?

Did y’all know Give OUT Day is the only national online day of giving for the LGBTQ+ community? We know our queer, trans, and gender non-conforming communities of color have consistently been the first ones throwing down for each other before & during the pandemic and uprisings.  We also know that the police use sex work criminalization toContinue reading “Have you heard about Give OUT Day?”

Recording Now Available: DIY Resistance: Sex Workers + Organizers Talk Artmaking and Mutual Aid for International Whores’ Day

ICYMI one of our organizers and several of their dear comrades talked zine making (including Alisha’s!!!) and sex worker organizing!  This live conversation and Q&A around artmaking as resistance, mutual aid, and “whorestories” of zine-making took place on June 3 in conjunction with International Whores Day NYC 2020 Digital Rally. The recorded conversation can beContinue reading “Recording Now Available: DIY Resistance: Sex Workers + Organizers Talk Artmaking and Mutual Aid for International Whores’ Day”

Support Ho(s)e IWD 2020 Statement

[Intro]  Hey y’all, I’m sharing on behalf of our collective, both inside and outside members, but I want to give a special s/o to our comrade Alisha Walker who contributed heavily to the writing and shaping of this statement.  Alisha “LeLe” Walker is an incarcerated former sex worker and current inside organizer with the SupportContinue reading “Support Ho(s)e IWD 2020 Statement”

DIY Resistance: Sex Workers + Organizers Talk Art-making and Mutual Aid

Mark your calendars for đź’Ą”DIY RESISTANCE: Sex Workers & Organizers Talk Art-making & Mutual Aid for International Whores’ Day”đź’Ą June 3rd 2020 / 8-9 p.m. EDT Join a live conversation and Q&A around artmaking as resistance, mutual aid, and “whorestories” of zine-making with Red Schulte, curator of the The International Whores’ Day Zine and co-organizer of the International Whores Day NYCContinue reading “DIY Resistance: Sex Workers + Organizers Talk Art-making and Mutual Aid”

Get ready for IWD 2020!

June 2nd is #InternationalWhoresDay!  A day to celebrate SWer resistance + organizing against state violence!  Follow @iwdnyc (on Twitter + IG) & RSVP for the digital rally: Support IWD NYC speakers (including US!!!), organizers and zinesters by donating here: #IWDNYC2020

Zine Reading + Talk Back with Alisha Walker

The recording from our zine reading and talk back with our comrades Red and Alisha Walker, hosted by Bluestockings Bookstore, CafĂ©, & Activist Center is now LIVE online! We made sure to include lots of resource links in the video’s description too! Zine Reading + Talk Back with Alisha Walker Transcript Matilda:Here we go. Good morning,Continue reading “Zine Reading + Talk Back with Alisha Walker”

Thanks for Watching!

Much love to everyone who joined us and Bluestockings Bookstore, CafĂ©, & Activist Center for our Zine Reading & Talk Back with Alisha this past Friday! We’ll have a recording up ASAP as well—and we wanted to make a findable post for all those shoutouts we made during the event! We highly suggest following Survived andContinue reading “Thanks for Watching!”

Let Sex Workers Survive

Join inside and outside comrades from the Support Ho(s)e Collective for a zine reading, history of organizing and a conditions update from inside an Illinois prison on Friday, April 24th 2020.  This event will be held over Zoom, please RSVP for a meeting link. Participant Bios :Red (they/them) makes zines that center sex worker organizing,Continue reading “Let Sex Workers Survive”

#FreeThemAll: Defending Criminalized Survivors Webinar

Join the #FreeThemAll: Defending Criminalized Survivors Webinar.  We’ll be talking about our work building a grassroots defense campaign with Alisha and inside/outside sex worker organizing.   Learn more about current survivor defense campaigns and how you can take action to #FreeThemAll! #SurvivedAndPunished Register at 

LeLe’s Birthday Cards

Thanks to everyone who celebrated Alisha (and her birthday) with us this evening (Feb. 8th) at Bluestockings Bookstore, CafĂ©, & Activist Center. After the upsetting news we got earlier today about LeLe being targeted for ticketing harassment again, this gathering generated much needed love, rage, comradeship and 🍰! We love you LeLe! We’re with you!No oneContinue reading “LeLe’s Birthday Cards”

Happy 27th Birthday LeLe

Help us wish our friend and organizing comrade Happy Birthday! Join us for Happy Birthday, LeLe! Letter Writing at Bluestockings Bookstore, CafĂ©, & Activist Center on Saturday, February 8th from 5:30 – 6:30pm! Not in NYC? Here are some ways to support and show birthday love for Alisha: Please write to Alisha by mail:Ms. Alisha Walker #Y12381Decatur CorrectionalPO BOX 3066Decatur,Continue reading “Happy 27th Birthday LeLe”

Kink Out: Leather Lit Day

Where our NYC comrades will be next!Kink Out: Leather Lit Day at MoMA PS1! From Kink Out: As an extension of Kink Out’s residency at MoMA PS1, LEATHER LIT DAY on January 11th, brings together kink and sex working people and allies for a day of storytelling, zine making, and community building. PROGRAM2–5pm zine making, facilitated by NikoContinue reading “Kink Out: Leather Lit Day”

December 17th Protest Vigil and Community Gathering

Just got home from our December 17th protest vigil and community gathering. I kept thinking about what LeLe said on the phone this morning, “Tell people I’ve only got one more D17 inside, then I’ll be out there with y’all fighting. Remind people about all the hos in county and all us in here!”  I’mContinue reading “December 17th Protest Vigil and Community Gathering”

TODAY! Chicago! December 17th!

Please join us in solidarity for International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. There will be a protest vigil and community gathering. We’ll gather in Millennium Park beginning at 4:30pm at the Millennium Monument corner of Randolph & Michigan (looks like a colonnade), for a vigil action to hold space for those we’ve lostContinue reading “TODAY! Chicago! December 17th!”

Mourning the Death of Yang Song

Today, in Flushing Queens comrades will gather to mourn the death of Yang Song and share collective outrage at the continued criminalization of massage and sex working migrant people. We send love, support and righteous anger as we rise up alongside our comrades today. Alisha wanted to share these words with folx as they headContinue reading “Mourning the Death of Yang Song”

Song Yang’s Vigil

From our comrades Red Canary Song* Vigil for Yang Song * Time: Saturday 11/30 3-6PMLocation: 40th Road (near the LIRR tracks), FlushingRain Location: Chinese Democracy Club/Flushing Quaker Meeting House We are gathering for a vigil to honor the life of Yang Song, who passed away after a police raid at the massage parlor where sheContinue reading “Song Yang’s Vigil”

Red Canary Song: Fly in Power

Please save the date Saturday, November 30th and show up to hold space with Red Canary Song as community uplifts the memory of #YangSong and continues the fight against criminalization of massage and sex working migrant people. Vigil action from 2-5PM on 40th Road near the LIRR tracks in Flushing, Queens. Watch this video created collaboratively by KinkContinue reading “Red Canary Song: Fly in Power”


Next Week! Many thanks to Kink Out & the Leslie Lohman Museum for organizing and hosting!   One of our comrades will be speaking on this panel discussing art, politics and queer liberation organizing!  Tuesday, November 19, 20196:30-8:30 PM Bow Down is a conversation between queer kink sex workers who discuss their particular field ofContinue reading “BOW DOWN: QUEER KINK SEX WORKER PANEL”

It’s been just under a week since sex workers and accomplices converged on Harvard!

Hacking//Hustling @ Harvard was a truly life-giving and labor-affirming convening. Here are just a few candids from the convening! In one, you can see Red holding a mic to the phone, sharing the floor with LeLe. So much love and appreciation to everyone who helped Hacking//Hustling realize this convening. So much love to those whoContinue reading “It’s been just under a week since sex workers and accomplices converged on Harvard!”

Letter Writing with Survived & Punished New York and Red Light Reader

So much love and appreciation to everyone who came out and joined us for our letter writing event last night, co-hosted by our dear comrades Survived & Punished New York and Red Light Reader. The evening was filled with food, and stories and meeting new comrades and catching up with old friends. Together we wrote 77 letters toContinue reading “Letter Writing with Survived & Punished New York and Red Light Reader”

Happy Sex Worker Pride from some of our organizers!

Here’s to building toward more radical Ho love now! More on the 1st annual International Sex Worker Pride:  NSWP is launching a fourth International sex worker rights day, Sex Worker Pride, taking place on 14th September each year. This day will celebrate sex workers’ self-determination and enhanced visibility and show the achievements of sex worker-led organisations.Continue reading “Happy Sex Worker Pride from some of our organizers!”

No New Jails Rally

We rallied alongside our comrades in No New Jails NYC this morning! We believe in police and prison abolition, full stop. One of our organizers, was proud to have been in community with Bluestockings Bookstore, CafĂ©, & Activist Center and Survived & Punished New York in crafting their respective statements of solidarity with the No New Jails NYC coalition! There will beContinue reading “No New Jails Rally”

No New Jails City Council Public Hearing

Join our comrades No New Jails NYC for their No New Jails City Council Public Hearing TOMORROW! We’ll be joining the gathering directly before the hearing! We will be meeting in City Hall Park from 8:00-9:30am to lift our voices alonside those going in to share statements, rage and community love. We will give each other strength!

Decrim vs. End Demand

ALL OUT NYC!!! Join our comrades DecrimNY for a teach-in and canvass tomorrow! Decrim NY is working to end criminalization of sex work because it will make sex workers and trafficking survivors safer from violence by clients and the police. It also decriminalizes mutual aid strategies like sharing a home with a sex worker!Continue reading “Decrim vs. End Demand”

Super Mom Myths

Join Moms United and Northside Transformative Law Center for a dinner, panel and facilitated discussion, in a fully accessible location, about the ways in which moms, overwhelmingly poor moms and disproportionately moms of color are criminalized out of abusive/coercive circumstances. This includes legal theories of “failure to protect”, as well as accountability laws in whichContinue reading “Super Mom Myths”

Cine Respaldo film series

From our comrades Los ColibrĂ­es Community Garden:  Last night we were fortunate to be able to host the third film in the Cine Respaldo film series, Live Nude Girls Unite! So grateful for all the folks who came out; for Red from Support Ho(s)e / Justice for Alisha Walker, who provided dope insight into the film &Continue reading “Cine Respaldo film series”

Live Nude Girls Unite

Join us for the third event in the “CinĂ© Respaldo” film series, centering women and femmes in revolutionary struggle. Live Nude Girls, Unite! (2000) documents a San Francisco strip club’s attempt to unionize. Fed up with issues from racial discrimination, to safety / privacy concerns, to unpaid sick leave, the sex workers organize and exploreContinue reading “Live Nude Girls Unite”

Sex Worker Giving Circle x Pride

From our comrades and funders Third Wave Fund: Come party with us and the 2019 Fellows at our SWGC x Pride event on 6/25 from 6-8 pm Friends and Lovers!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀We’ll be honoring 50 years of Stonewall, Pride, & the legacy of sex worker leaders like Marsha P. Johnson & Sylvia Rivera. And, we’ll celebrate the SWGC, theContinue reading “Sex Worker Giving Circle x Pride”

A resounding thank you to everyone who showed up for sex worker comrades last night!

Thank you to Decrim NY, Red Canary Song and our hosts Bluestockings Bookstore, CafĂ©, & Activist Center for making this possible! Over 100 people turned out and shared space. Amazing artists, activists and organizers talked Decrim, police/prison abolition, direct action, creative resistance, queer liberation, honoring trans elders and leadership, supporting incarcerated criminalized survivors and even wheatpasting tactics! WeContinue reading “A resounding thank you to everyone who showed up for sex worker comrades last night!”

Tomorrow is International Whores Day!!!

During the Morning/Afternoon, join Queens community members at the #TGNCSilentWalk during the Queens Pride March: Then head over to Bluestockings Bookstore, CafĂ©, & Activist Center by 7pm for an indoor program organized by Justice for Alisha Walker, Decrim NY and Red Canary Song! Come celebrate sex worker resistance, zines, art and organizing! We’ll be wheatpasting the lower east side afterward withContinue reading “Tomorrow is International Whores Day!!!”

Craftivism: Hacking//Hustling partnered with the Support Ho(s)e Collective

Hacking//Hustling and the Support Ho(s)e Collective hosted an evening of radical craftivist making at Bluestockings Bookstore, Cafe, and Activist Center on May 8th, 2019! Current and former sex working/trading people of all industry or survival strategies were joined by co-conspirators and accomplices to collage and hold space together. Check out the art that was madeContinue reading “Craftivism: Hacking//Hustling partnered with the Support Ho(s)e Collective”

Sex Work Centered Craft Night

Join Hacking//Hustling and the Support Ho(s)e Collective for an evening of radical craftivist making! Current and former sex working/trading people of all industry or survival strategies welcome! Co-conspirators and accomplices please join us, but be mindful of the space you’re sharing. Bring collage making materials and let’s make art for our movement! 

Survival is not a crime!

Beautiful images of beautiful resistance and love. Endless thanks to everyone who made today’s gathering what it was. Deep gratitude to Moms United Against Violence and Incarceration and to all our co-sponsoring comrade organizations. Photos by Love & Struggle Photography.  ### Alisha sent us the follow to share on her behalf, since the state of Illinois is stillContinue reading “Survival is not a crime!”

Incarcerated Mother’s Day Vigil (6th Annual)

We’re so humbled to be co-sponsoring and participating in this beautiful event again! Some of our Chicago comrades will be there to share Alisha’s words and her story on her behalf. Join us along with our comrades Moms United Against Violence and Incarceration, Chicago Books to Women in Prison, Chicago Workers’ Collaborative, Circles & Ciphers, Love & Protect, Uptown People’sContinue reading “Incarcerated Mother’s Day Vigil (6th Annual)”

Take Back The Night

One of our NYC collective members will be speaking this Saturday! On April 6th, Donna, will be speaking at Pratt’s Take Back The Night event! This year, their theme surrounds the lived experiences of sex workers specifically in the areas of destigmatizing, humanizing, and decriminalizing sex work. Donna will be speaking about the case ofContinue reading “Take Back The Night”

Red Canary Song Teach-In

We were proud to join our comrades in Red Canary Song 红莺歌 at their teach-in this past Friday, March 29th, to counter the carceral anti-massage (and sex) worker narratives being pushed by CM Koo and the NYPD in Flushing, Queens! RCS distributed hundreds of pages of resources, know your rights documents, statements from migrant massage workers, informationContinue reading “Red Canary Song Teach-In”

Here’s a little recap from NYC Feminist Zinefest 2019 yesterday!

Our NYC crew (Aaron, Donna and Red) raised $300 for Alisha’s commissary and communications needs through our zine sales! Many thanks to all the wonderful zine fest organizers– who also invited one of our organizers to hold a workshop and zine reading on how to not be a jerk to sex workers! Red highlighted AlishaContinue reading “Here’s a little recap from NYC Feminist Zinefest 2019 yesterday!”

Defending Survivors, Liberating Futures: S & P National Convening

3/3/2019  We’re still processing all of the beauty and strength that was the Survived and Punished’s Defending Survivors,Liberating Futures: S & P National Convening this weekend!  Thank you to everyone who held that space! Thank you to Mariame Kaba who uplifted Alisha, and other survivors in song. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our table and signed clemency petitionsContinue reading “Defending Survivors, Liberating Futures: S & P National Convening”

On February 25th, Decrim NY launched!

We are proud coalition members.  Decrim NY advocates and organizes to shape New York City and State policy and public opinion around people in the sex trades. We seek to improve the lives of people who perform sexual labor by choice, circumstance, or coercion, people profiled as such, and communities impacted by the criminalization ofContinue reading “On February 25th, Decrim NY launched!”

NYC Feminist Zine Fest 2019

Really want some swag to show off your support? Mark your calendars and join us again at NYC Feminist Zine Fest 2019 on 3/31 to pick up our zines and merch to support #AlishaWalker and our work! From NYC FZF: Save the date & spread the word! NYC’s biggest & most-feminist-themed zinefest is BACK! Come join us for aContinue reading “NYC Feminist Zine Fest 2019”

TODAY! Join the Free Chrystul Kizer Defense campaign! Continue the birthday love for Alisha by showing up for other criminalized survivors!  Join us as we engage in a public visibility demonstration to let Milwaukee know that we will not let criminalized survivor Chrystul Kizer be disappeared! We will be gathering at the intersection of Martin Luther King Drive and Locust Street inContinue reading “TODAY! Join the Free Chrystul Kizer Defense campaign!”

Happy Birthday Cards of Love

Thank you to all who came out to @bluestockings (even though it was cold because their heater broke!) to write Happy Birthday cards of love and support to Alisha! Not NYC or Chicago based but still want to send letters of love and support? Check out this resource from @survivepunish and organize your own letter writing event: … –Alisha’s birthdayContinue reading “Happy Birthday Cards of Love”

Happy Birthday LeLe

It’s Alisha’s Birthday Month! She’ll turn 26 on February 11th! All February we’re going to be signal-boosting ways to support and center LeLe.Be watching for events, resources, and ways to donate directly to her commissary and visitation fund! For Day One! Check out Happy Birthday LeLe! Card Writing Party! at Bluestockings Bookstore, CafĂ©, & Activist Center TODAY at 4:30pmContinue reading “Happy Birthday LeLe”


We’ll be sharing ways to support incarcerated sex workers, broader community resources and resistance in honor of today, December 17th, International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. If you’re in downstate Illinois we urge you to check out an event being organized by a close comrade in Champaign, IL at the Art Theatre atContinue reading “IDEVASW Details”

Remembering Yang Song

Thank you for holding space with us yesterday as we honored and remembered Yang Song. Yang was brave in the face of police harassment and violence. She reported her assaults and sought legal help for herself and by extension those she worked alongside, even after receiving more threats. She demonstrated such care and honor forContinue reading “Remembering Yang Song”


From F2L:We need people to join us this week as we do emergency trial support for Yusef Johnson, a young gay Black sex worker, who is facing 5 to 25 years in prison for crimes arising out of sex work contexts. The Manhattan District Attorney’s office has charged Yusef with multiple robbery charges. The prosecutionContinue reading “SIGN UP FOR EMERGENCY TRIAL SUPPORT 11/13 & 11/14”

Remembering Yang Song

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Queens, New York – Sex Workers, Massage Parlor Workers and their supporters will hold a community vigil, “Remembering Yang Song,” taking place at 2:30PM EST outside of her former workplace, 135-32 40th Rd in Flushing, on November 25th, 2018. Last year, November 26th 2017, 38 year old Yang Song died after a raid on her workplace inContinue reading “Remembering Yang Song”

Free School We are so honored and thrilled to be a part of this Free School! Join us Saturday 10/27 for conversations and strategy sessions around accountability in sex working and trading communities. We’ll specifically be addressing barriers to community safety/accountability in a post-SESTA/FOSTA world, and how we’ve navigated accountability around having incarcerated members in ourContinue reading “Free School”

International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

Please join us in solidarity for the annual International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. This will be a solemn event centered around systemic violence towards sex workers. We will gather outside at Daley Plaza at 5:30pm to speak the names of those we’ve lost this year, we will hold a moment of rageContinue reading “International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers”

Oct 16, NYC: No Selves to Defend: Criminalizing Survival

Hey y’all! We’ll be tabling at the Survived and Punished NY curriculum launch, “No Selves to Defend: Criminalizing Survival” on October 16th at the Newschool. The event is sold out, but for those already holding ticket we’ll see you there! For those looking for access to the curriculum:

Hacking//Hustling: A Platform for Sex Workers in a Post-SESTA World

A new federal law called SESTA (Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act) has endangered sex workers and resulted in their erasure from online platforms that once provided work, community and safety.  Organized in collaboration with Melissa Gira Grant and Danielle Blunt, Hacking//Hustling: A Platform for Sex Workers in a Post-SESTA World is a two-day program of conversations and tacticalContinue reading “Hacking//Hustling: A Platform for Sex Workers in a Post-SESTA World”

Stigma Unbound’s “Support Your Local Sex Worker”

Below are remarks from one of our organizers at the Stigma Unbound â€śSupport Your Local Sex Worker” event at the Museum of Sex on Monday, September 10th, 2018:  Free LeLe! Free GiGi! Power to ALL Sex Workers Now!  As a performer and artist myself, my politics are intimately tied to my practice and I appreciate allContinue reading “Stigma Unbound’s “Support Your Local Sex Worker””

Hacking//Hustling is just two weeks away! Mark your calendars! This gathering will feature a pop-up community centered art exhibition named in honor of a line from Alisha Walker’s speech that was delivered at multiple International Whores Day protests on June 2nd: “Whores Will Rise: Protest Art & Resistance Ephemera Against FOSTA/SESTA,” is a pop-up community art show, curated by BritContinue reading “Hacking//Hustling is just two weeks away!”


THE HOODOISIE is a live and live-streamed news show disseminating block-optic and radical perspectives on culture and politics. THE HOODOISIE is Ricardo Gamboa, Steven Beaudion, Jenny Casas, Lillianna Marisela Chavarria, Kristiana Rae ColĂłn, Hils Franco, Gabriela Ibarra, Daniel Kisslinger, Ellen Mayer, Jesse Menendez, Karari Olvera Orozco, Charles Alexander Preston, Xavier Ramey, Lau RamĂ­rez, Ashley Ray, Danielle Roper, LaSaia Honey Wade, Richard Wallace THIS HOODOISIE EXPLORESSEX WORK (IN HONOR OF LABOR DAY) Co-HostedContinue reading “THE HOODOISIE”

Thank You SlutWalk Chicago

Thank you SlutWalk Chicago for having us out to speak about our comrade Alisha Walker’s case as well as how to show up for incarcerated sex workers and all criminalized survivors! Thank you for amplifying sex workers’ voices and our organizing efforts! Thank you for letting us take space to discuss the harmful new anti-loiteringContinue reading “Thank You SlutWalk Chicago”

#NotLoiteringJustLiving Twitter Power Hour & Town Hall!

Tuesday, July 24th @ 12 pm – 1 pm Central Hashtags: #NotLoiteringJustLiving #RahmVeto #LetUsSurvive Background: On June 27th, 2018 Chicago alderpeople voted in an amendment to the Municipal Code 8-4-016 which will create the offense of  “prostitution-related loitering,” defined as “remaining in any one place under circumstances that would warrant a reasonable person to believeContinue reading “#NotLoiteringJustLiving Twitter Power Hour & Town Hall!”

Chicago Community Bond Fund

A huge thank you to the Chicago Community Bond Fund for inviting the Support Ho(s)e collective and our comrades to lead a teach-in (shout out to our co-presenter LL!) on the intersections of sex worker advocacy and money bail/prison abolition. We covered the basics of Sex Work 101, expanded on current dangerous criminalizing legislation andContinue reading “Chicago Community Bond Fund”

A Tribe Called Cunt

Much love and support to our accomplices in the struggle for collective liberation!  From A Tribe Called Cxnt:  “We are really excited to announce that a portion of the proceeds from the marketplace is going to Justice for Alisha Walker. We know how crucial it is to support sex workers under this current administration and everyContinue reading “A Tribe Called Cunt”

Sex Work 101

On Sunday June 10th we led a “Sex Work 101″ talk for Survived & Punished NYC! We discussed intentional, accurate, nuanced language and how to support criminalized survivors who have also traded or sold sex. Survived & Punished comrades asked thoughtful and excellent questions, made us feel supported, and we collectively brainstormed ways to become active inContinue reading “Sex Work 101”

Stop the War on the Whores

Yesterday, International Whores Day, was truly incredible. An action some of us had only dreamed of for years, brought about in a time of rage of necessary resilience in opposition to SESTA/FOSTA, criminalization and police. The organizing, and planning was daunting, even for those of us who were experienced at street protests. We had almostContinue reading “Stop the War on the Whores”

Fundraiser for Lysistrata

May 22nd: Join us for an evening of conversation, community, and figure drawing at House or Darker at Lot 45 in BK. We are raising $ for Lysistrata, a SW mutual care fund and making images to signal boost and sell for International Whore’s Day. Red from Support Ho(s)e will be leading a conversation “The Whore Gazes Back,”Continue reading “Fundraiser for Lysistrata”

Alisha’s Poem Reading

Our comrade Erica, reading a poem that Alisha wrote for her mama Sherri on Saturday, May 12th, at the Moms United Against Violence and Incarceration  5th annual Vigil for Incarcerated Mothers. Many formerly incarcerated mothers and their loved ones shared their stories, and participants uplifted and honored mothers who have been separated from their children byContinue reading “Alisha’s Poem Reading”

L&SS General Meeting: Organizing Sex Workers Join L&SS at our May General Meeting! We’ll be discussing May Day, the NYC-DSA convention, and sex worker organizing. Speakers will include Melissa Gira Grant, senior reporter at Fair Punishment and author of Playing the Whore, and Red, a community organizer with the Support Ho(s)e collective, Survived & Punished NYC and Survivors Against SESTA.Continue reading “L&SS General Meeting: Organizing Sex Workers”

5th Annual Mother’s Day Vigil

Join Moms United and co-sponsoring orgs for our 5th annual Mother’s Day vigil and toiletry drive outside Cook County Jail, on the green, directly across from the main visitor’s gate. The median on which we hold the vigil is accessible insofar as there is no incline or stairs, but the ground can be difficult toContinue reading “5th Annual Mother’s Day Vigil”

Incarcerated Mother’s Day

One of our collective members will be presenting a poem Alisha wrote for her mama Sherri at this year’s Incarcerated Mother’s Day! This will be our third year talking about our work to free our comrade, and the complexities of care-giving and sex working! You’ll recognize the piece being read as a part of LeLe’sContinue reading “Incarcerated Mother’s Day”

International Whores’ Day 2018

June 2nd, International Whores Day (also known as DĂ­a Internacional de las Putxs, PutaDei, International Sex Workers Day, DĂ­a Internacional de la Trabajadorx Sexual) is a day to gather sex working people, their co-conspirators, accomplices, loved ones and communities together in protest to demand an immediate cessation of police and state violence, the end ofContinue reading “International Whores’ Day 2018”

Survived & Punished’s Mass Commutations Convening “Free Them All” in NY

We were so excited to table at Survived & Punished’s Mass Commutations Convening “Free Them All” in NY this past weekend at Barnard! Got to connect with comrades who are doing crucial grassroots defense campaign work and building toward mass commutation efforts in California and New York. We spoke with folx about dangerous new criminalizing anti-sexContinue reading “Survived & Punished’s Mass Commutations Convening “Free Them All” in NY”

NYC Feminist Zinefest

FEMINIST ZINE FEST NYC ROUND UP! Sunday a jammed packed day! There were hundreds of amazing feminist babes who came out in droves to swap and share and snag zines from dozens of amazing zinesters at this year’s NYC Feminist Zine Fest! Eternal love and thanks to @jonastygram1 for always letting Support Ho(s)e table crash, @grl_trbl for the great companyContinue reading “NYC Feminist Zinefest”

Shots from the action at DePaul!

Sex workers, survivors, accomplices and academic community supporters rallied and distributed ACCURATE information about sex work and decriminalization to debunk “Rescue Industry” myths last week!  Here’s some of our community flyering outside of DePaul’s College of Law which was hosting an anti-sex worker event entitled “Why Legalizing Prostitution Promotes Sex Trafficking” on March 22nd.  Security repeatedlyContinue reading “Shots from the action at DePaul!”

Sex Work Is Work

A flyer for tomorrow’s CHICAGO action!  Sex Workers & Survivors United!  Join sex workers, survivors, accomplices and community supporters as we rally and distribute ACCURATE information about sex work and decriminalization and debunk “Rescue Industry” myths! We are rallying outside of DePaul’s College of Law because they are hosting an anti-sex worker event entitled “WhyContinue reading “Sex Work Is Work”

Sex Work & Social Work Disrupting Institutional Violence

Thanks Hunter College for such a great event! Joint presentation from Red, an organizer with Support Ho(s)e and Liz from The Sex Workers Project at the Urban Justice Center for “Common Time” at Hunter College’s School of Social Work. We got to share a sex worker centered toolkit Support Ho(s)e published last year for HealthContinue reading “Sex Work & Social Work Disrupting Institutional Violence”

Sex Workers & Survivors United Against “Rescue Industry” Narratives

Join sex workers, survivors, accomplices and community supporters as we rally and distribute ACCURATE information about sex work and decriminalization and debunk “Rescue Industry” myths! We are rallying outside of DePaul’s College of Law because they are hosting an anti-sex worker event entitled “Why Legalizing Prostitution Promotes Sex Trafficking.” More details about this terrible eventContinue reading “Sex Workers & Survivors United Against “Rescue Industry” Narratives”

NYC Shut It Down: The Grand Central Crew

TONIGHT! NYC/Queens!  Join us as we take to the streets with NYC Shut It Down: The Grand Central Crew #blacklivesmatter in memory of our fallen fellow worker Yang Song!  We demand and end to police raids, we demand full decriminalization of all sex work now! Cops out of massage parlors! Join us at tonight’s People’s Monday at 7 PMContinue reading “NYC Shut It Down: The Grand Central Crew”

International Sex Workers’ Rights Day

For our rights, for our community, for radical care. Join NYC sex workers, service providers and trusted accomplices to celebrate this International Sex Workers’ Rights Day for an afternoon of organizing, knowledge sharing and resource provision. Lunch, metro cards and childcare provided. Location: Urban Justice Center, 40 Rector St. 11:00 AM – 3:30 PM RSVPContinue reading “International Sex Workers’ Rights Day”


Tomorrow we’re meeting with International Women’s Strike US/ Paro Internacional de Mujeres EUANYC organizers to hopefully have more sex working people represented in their strike efforts! Thursday in NYC we’ll be at the Community Gathering & Court Support for Ceyenne! Thursday in Chicago we’ll be at Building Towards Freedom: Invisible No More w/ Andrea Ritchie, LaSaia Wade, &Continue reading “Updates!”

Join Love & Protect for a conversation with Andrea Ritchie, LaSaia Wade, and Eisha Love!

RSVP here: Andrea Ritchie will lead a teach-in based on her latest book, Invisible No More: Police Violence Against Black Women and Women of Color, a timely examination of how women of color experience racial profiling, police brutality, and immigration enforcement. Placing individual stories in the broader context of the twin epidemics of police violenceContinue reading “Join Love & Protect for a conversation with Andrea Ritchie, LaSaia Wade, and Eisha Love!”

Community Gathering & Court Support for Ceyenne! We are helping to coordinate and build this community action to support our sister and community leader Ceyenne Doroshow! Please come through if you are NY based!  On the night of December 18th, one of our community leaders, elders and advocates, Ceyenne was attacked by a long time abuser and had to defend herself.Continue reading “Community Gathering & Court Support for Ceyenne!”

Upcoming Events

We’ve got a lot of events we’re involved with in both Chicago & NYC/Brooklyn coming up and wanted to centralize our calendar here: Launch meeting of Survived & Punished NY chapter: December 10th 1-4pm  Survived & Punished Webinar: Year End Updates & Discussion: Online, December 14th 7pm Emergency Rally for our Fallen Comrade Yang Song: Queens,Continue reading “Upcoming Events”

Holiday Card Writing Party

Amazing turn out at our holiday card writing party for incarcerated sex workers! In total about 20 people joined us to send cards to over 50 of over incarcerated fam. Many thanks to @bluestockings for space and @swopbehindbars for contact names/addresses!  This holiday season, send cards to incarcerated sex workers! Show folx inside some love, and let them knowContinue reading “Holiday Card Writing Party”

Holiday Cards

***THIS EVENT IS IN NYC*** Join the NYC contigent of Support Ho(s)e and accomplices for an afternoon of holiday card writing/making for our incarcerated sex worker family. December 1st, meet at Bluestockings Books at 2PM-4PM and please feel free to bring card making supplies if you’re feeling creative! We’ll be sending letters and cards of love toContinue reading “Holiday Cards”