Alisha’s covid testing updates

Logan Prison COs are pulling Alisha and others off their unit this morning (12/10/20) for testing. She got a call out to Red and Sherri to let them know. If positive for covid, she likely won’t be able to call for 2 weeks because there’s only one phone on the so-called “quarantine” unit. That “quarantine”Continue reading “Alisha’s covid testing updates”

Giving Tuesday!

It’s #GivingTuesday and our dear comrades Uptown People’s Law Center + Lifted Voices have helped us create a new, tax-deductible platform to boost our post-release fund for Alisha! Donate TODAY to show up for a criminalized survivor as we plan for her release. Our goal is to raise $10K for this #GivingTuesday for Alisha’s post-releaseContinue reading “Giving Tuesday!”

Bluestockings Bookstore Fundraiser!

Bluestockings Bookstore, Café, & Activist Center, this beautiful space + its comrades has opened it doors to multiple events supporting our comrade Alisha, letter writing events for incarcerated sex workers, #IWDNYC celebrations and so much more. They truly encourage sex worker-led movement building, and resource us whores constantly!

$80k raised for Give OUT Day!

We heard y’all really showed up for Third Wave Fund’s Sex Worker Giving Circle yesterday for Give OUT Day 💗 The grand total was over $80k raised to resource grassroots sex worker-led organizing!  Thank you to everyone who gave and/or amplified the fundraising efforts! You’re helping to build community power and resource the most impacted toward all our collectiveContinue reading “$80k raised for Give OUT Day!”

Have you heard about Give OUT Day?

Did y’all know Give OUT Day is the only national online day of giving for the LGBTQ+ community? We know our queer, trans, and gender non-conforming communities of color have consistently been the first ones throwing down for each other before & during the pandemic and uprisings.  We also know that the police use sex work criminalization toContinue reading “Have you heard about Give OUT Day?”

Get ready for IWD 2020!

June 2nd is #InternationalWhoresDay!  A day to celebrate SWer resistance + organizing against state violence!  Follow @iwdnyc (on Twitter + IG) & RSVP for the digital rally: Support IWD NYC speakers (including US!!!), organizers and zinesters by donating here: #IWDNYC2020

Red’s Birthday Fundraising Efforts

It’s almost one of our organizer’s birthday! Let’s help them celebrate by raising much needed funds for S&P NY and for Alisha’s post-release fund!  From Red:  If you want to celebrate with me, please consider making a donation of any amount to Survived & Punished New York‘s Summer Mutual Aid Commissary Drive and/or to Justice forContinue reading “Red’s Birthday Fundraising Efforts”

Under The Red Umbrella Documentary

This past week the amazing crew from Under The Red Umbrella Documentary visited us and spoke with a couple of our organizers (we missed you Donna Gary + Aaron, and of course, Decatur is still preventing LeLe from being a part of any sort of video documentation)! We talked at length about how we formed as a collective, howContinue reading “Under The Red Umbrella Documentary”

Looking for ways to support Alisha?

Please donate toward commissary and visitation needs here: Please sign and share this petition created by a Please write to Alisha by mail:Ms. Alisha Walker #Y12381Decatur CorrectionalPO BOX 3066Decatur, IL 62524 Please write to Alisha via Connect Network email:https://web.connectnetwork.comusing Alisha’s ‘inmate number’ Y12381 and state IL Share this video about Alisha’s case, created by us, BarnardContinue reading “Looking for ways to support Alisha?”

Write a card or letter in support of Alisha Walker

Alisha’s mail and video visits are being targeted for disruption and censoring—please continue to flood her with letters of love and support! (Refrain from using markers/crayons/paint/glitter) s/o @MomsUnitedChi for this beautiful graphic!  If you have the means, please consider making a donation to her commissary and visitation fund: Take the time to sign this petition andContinue reading “Write a card or letter in support of Alisha Walker”

February 11th is #AlishaWalker’s birthday! TODAY we ask you to give+share her commissary/visitation fund! Our goal is to raise $2400 by the end of this month so we can prioritize creating a specific re-entry fund for LeLe! Being able to guarantee month-to-month $$$ needs would be huge. This would mean we could focus our attention on establishing a re-entry fundContinue reading “February 11th is #AlishaWalker’s birthday!”


From our comrades in the Free Chrystul Kizer Defense Campaign and Black & Pink MKE:  BACKGROUNDChrystul Kizer is a black teenage survivor of violence. At only 17-years old, she was charged with multiple felonies for defending herself from an older white man who has been accused of ongoing physical and sexual abuse of not onlyContinue reading “#FREEChrystul: DROP ALL CHARGES AGAINST CHRYSTUL KIZER AND RELEASE HER IMMEDIATELY”

We stand with Cyntoia Brown and ALL criminalized survivors!

Please call/write/physically go to the TN governor’s office to demand clemency and her immediate release! Follow Moms United Against Violence and Incarceration, Love & Protect, SWOP Behind Bars and Survived and Punished for more on how you can help! Cyntoia Brown (29 years old now) was 16 years old when she was imprisoned for killingContinue reading “We stand with Cyntoia Brown and ALL criminalized survivors!”

From our Chicago comrades:

In 2016, T.B., a  Black transgender woman and sex worker, was involved in an interaction with a client and two other sex workers that resulted in an arrest for criminal trespass to vehicle. She accepted a plea deal that placed her on probation and requires her to pay $1,336.00 in restitution to the complaining witnessContinue reading “From our Chicago comrades:”


A comrade of Alisha’s, Tanya Haemer #R87472 is in need of financial support immediately. She is seeking furlough through the Clinical Services of Decatur Correctional to spend time with her dying mother, Vickie. Vickie has been struggling with COPD, only has 17% lung capacity and stage 4 cancer in her bones, liver and bladder. She has beenContinue reading “EMERGENCY FUNDS NEEDED!”

Please donate, share, circulate this new page. The fundraising platform Generosity is being absorbed by You Caring, so we’ve created a new fundraiser page for Alisha. We need to continue raising funds for commissary, phone, email, video visits and to help her family/friends financially afford to visit in-person. Please donate, share, circulate this new page. Right now family plans to visit inContinue reading “Please donate, share, circulate this new page.”

Book updates from Alisha!!

LeLe wants to extend an enthusiastic thank you to everyone who sent books to her for her birthday! She received over 70 titles! WOW! Thank you for supporting her passion for reading, writing and drawing! She recently finished “N.B.” by Charlotte Shane and has now begun reading “Bad Feminist” by Roxane Gay and “Invisible No More” byContinue reading “Book updates from Alisha!!”


There exist a myriad of organizations, campaigns, collectives and groups that are interested in consciousness raising, labor based organizing and promoting the rights of sex workers and the decriminalization of sex work. Start with the list below: Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP USA) Red Umbrella Fund Support Ho(s)e The English Collective of Prostitutes POWER (ProstitutesContinue reading “Donate/Support/Build”