Digital Publications

Sex Work Centered Guide for Academics

Indispensable prerequisite reading, ways to discern good from bad, types of courses and directions for inquiry, research areas/questions, and other resources for academics.

Sex Work Centered Guide for Letter Writing

Learned lessons for corresponding with comrades inside, banned / censored materials, best practices for letter writing, e-correspondence suggestions, and other resources for letter writers.

Supporting Sex Workers & Survivors: Lessons for Defense Campaigns

An addendum and expansion on #SurvivedAndPunished: Survivor Defense as Abolitionist Praxis (2017)’s special considerations of some categories of criminalized survivors to organize alongside; namely: sex workers, survivors of violence and exploitation (sometimes called trafficking), people engaged in survival sex, and all those comrades in the sex trades facing violence from the carceral state.

Sex Work Centered Guide for Health / Wellness Professionals

Glossary of terms and preferred nomenclature, diversity of reasons for engaging in sex work, common misconceptions, and other resources for health / wellness professionals.

Sex Work Centered Guide for Media & Journalism Professionals

Glossary of terms and preferred nomenclature, how to take photos and quotes ethically, best practices for approaching sex work as a subject, and other resources for media and journalism professionals.

Inside/Outside Communication During a Pandemic

Alisha Walker and other comrades recount conditions inside. A selection of call summaries, video visits, and email correspondences highlight what communication and organizing to meet Alisha and her community’s needs has been like since the pandemic hit.