Statements from our collective for the National Day of Action to Save

We are here to protest the raid on A Chicago cop (Tom Dart, aka asshole wanna-be white male savior trying to end demand for sex work- HAHAHAHA) has been fighting against our (sex workers) largest and most affordable advertising platform for years. He successfully convinced all major credit card companies to cease transactions made through Backpage in the name of “rescuing women” which REALLY just makes it more difficult for us to advertise and puts MANY sex workers (and I say sex workers i.e. entertainers, escorts, dominatrix, porn performers) because sex work is not limited to women- also trans folks and men) at risk in the street and more vulnerable to arrest. Just 2 weeks ago the CEO and 2 shareholders of Backpage were arrested on grounds of “pimping” and trafficking minors. This is about puritanical garbage morals reigning terror on our right to an income that suits our needs, whether for survival or as a chosen job or career. Sex workers are easy targets for cops and make great stories for those with savior complexes who need to mind their own business or approach sex workers and LISTEN to what we say, our demands and our experiences. We are NOT victims and we DEMAND rights as workers and people in your communities. We are EVERYWHERE. –Erica

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