LeLe should be free.

We received word early this morning from Sherri, Alisha’s mother, that Alisha might be in Seg. We were finally able to get through to Decatur correctional to confirm this though they wouldn’t tell us when, why or for how long she would be removed from General Population and be in Segregation. This is typical, but still infuriating.

LeLe has been dealing with targeted harassment for some time now from two particular COs. She was telling Sherri about this bullying via the phone on Monday and was given a “ticket” (a written citation/infraction) for reporting on what was happening to her and naming the COs on this phone call.

We think that this ticket ended up resulting in her being put in Seg. We think, based on when the phone call took place that she was moved to Seg on Tuesday.

This is absolutely inhuman punitive behavior on the part of Decatur (which we have come to expect). No prisoner should be punished for reporting on their mistreatment! No prisoner should be put in Seg!

We are incredibly saddened by this and enraged. We had planned a weekend visit to see our friend and now are unable to do so. Seg visits are “no contact” visits, only allowed Monday – Friday from 10am until 2pm for 1 hour, conducted in tiny rooms with plexiglass and phone separating you from your loved ones. On top of that, you can’t bring your group to visit because of the room size. So only 2-3 (max) people are allowed inside the room.

They refused to answer Red’s questions about LeLe’s condition or “infraction.” They refused to answer any questions about the duration of the Segregation.

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