Just got off the phone with Alisha & Sherri!

We got some good news, LeLe is doing alright and expects to be off of “D Grade” in just four days! That means she’ll be able to spend normal commissary amounts, receive and send electronic correspondence, and make regular phone calls again!

LeLe let us know that they received word that programs are coming back to Decatur starting January 1st. She’s not sure what they’ll offer yet but is hoping for college classes, though admittedly she says she’ll “take any and everything that they offer.” Programs mean contracts, and contracts can mean reduction in time inside–so this is exciting news on a couple of fronts. Especially since the State is still delaying its response to Alisha’s appeal.

She’s also celebrating her love’s birthday today! She was in good spirits to hear from friends and family and of course had tons of positive words and encouragement for us (because she’s always concerned first and foremost with her fam).

She sends her love to SxHx folx and everyone on the outside who’s keeping her in mind.

(image via SWARM; credit SWOU Sex Worker Rights Festival, Glasgow 2013)

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