Harms of Pornography

Join sex workers and allies outside of the ‘Harms of Pornography’ conference, to voice resistance to the idea that sex work is inherently damaging, and that it promotes/motivates misogyny, and to provide more nuanced perspectives to those who wish to engage with us.

The conference headliners are notoriously sex-shaming (particularly of BDSM/kink) and sex work-negative, and unsurprisingly, are not – and have never been – actual sex workers. Conference workshops cover topics such as the damage caused by stripping and other paid sex work, and ‘feminist’ movements to end porn and demand for sex work.

We believe that this analysis (sex work as evil/the root of sexism/misogyny) misunderstands the nature of demand, denies workers autonomy, and obscures the benefits offered by (consensual) sex work, that are often inaccessible to folks based on gender, race, ability, immigration status and more. Sex work – like all labor – has benefits, and the potential to be exploitative.

Instead of shaming, speaking for (and profiting from) and working against sex workers, those concerned for sex worker safety should join the fight for labor rights on sets and in clubs, and for decriminalization broadly.

Join in solidarity with sex workers to discuss other perspectives, and to demand RIGHTS, NOT RESCUE.

RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1984870178455272/

****After the protest, we will be meeting at Butler University for a panel discussion run by sex workers to discuss sex worker rights and needs. Info below: https://events.butler.edu/event/227

For more information on the conference and Gail Dines:

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