Chicago: Solidarity with Queens Sex Workers! No More Raids!

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Chicago, IL – Sex Workers and their supporters will hold their “Solidarity with Queens Sex Workers! No More Raids!” taking place at 12PM in front of Sheriff Tom Dart’s office, in Daley Plaza, on Sunday, December 17th, 2017. December 17th is International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, join us to demand an end to police terror. We are horrified that the police continue to raid massage parlors in the name of “rescuing” sex working people. 38 year old Yang Song died after a raid on her workplace in Queens conducted by the NYPD the previous evening. If these massage parlor raids continue more workers will die, be incarcerated, deported. Stop criminalizing sex work. Stop criminalizing working people. Stop targeting parlors.

Sheriff Tom Dart has pioneered stings and raids against sex working people and their clients. The rest of the country learns from his office’s practices. The NYPD’s raids are destroying families, criminalizing survivors, deporting hard working people and terrorizing communities! Get out of parlors and stay out!

How can these massage parlor raids be justified when women are dying?!

We want safe working conditions. For ALL sex workers.

We want rights not raids.

We want self-determination and an end to criminalization.

This event is endorsed by Support Ho(s)eThe Sex Workers Outreach Project- Chicago chapter

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