“Battle” by Alisha Walker

How did I get here? What wrong did I do?

Defending myself? I guess was the wrong thing to do.

They said I should have laid down, that I should have gave up and quit.

Should have been a compliant little whore. Gave into a trick.

That I have no right to say no, I dont deserve to choose

“Shes nothing, shes useless, whats she going to do?”

My escorts, workers, my family, you feel my pain, as I do you.


They have a plan: “take away our little security,”

Kill us off, decrease our numbers, divide and conquer

But they forget, we are mothers, daughters, partners, and friends.

We have our own army.

We will never end! We’re survivors!

When you knock us down, it makes our skin tougher See….

We are a different breed

They fucking envy us! So they try to make us bleed.

We’ve lost so many in this war

Just to name a few 

Desiree  Robinson

Yang Song 

Alloura Wells

Sisi Thibert

Alphonza Watson

So listen up, We as a community have shit to do.

Stand! In solidarity!

Because this is a fight for our lives


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