Community Gathering & Court Support for Ceyenne!

We are helping to coordinate and build this community action to support our sister and community leader Ceyenne Doroshow! Please come through if you are NY based! 

On the night of December 18th, one of our community leaders, elders and advocates, Ceyenne was attacked by a long time abuser and had to defend herself. She is now being criminalized for her survival. She has spent years building community, please show up for her in this time of need!

Join us for a community gathering and court support action outside of the Queens Criminal Courthouse on Feb. 15th at 9AM (her court proceedings begin at 9:30AM). We will gather to share stories of support for Ceyenne and then a small contingent of us will go inside for the court proceedings.

Please WEAR RED in solidarity with Ceyenne and all trans sex working survivors who have had to fight to defend their lives!

Later that same evening a fundraiser, “The Old Pro Show,” is being held for Ceyenne and GLITS Inc., we’re inviting folx to join us here as well:

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