Sex Workers & Survivors United Against “Rescue Industry” Narratives

Join sex workers, survivors, accomplices and community supporters as we rally and distribute ACCURATE information about sex work and decriminalization and debunk “Rescue Industry” myths!

We are rallying outside of DePaul’s College of Law because they are hosting an anti-sex worker event entitled “Why Legalizing Prostitution Promotes Sex Trafficking.” More details about this terrible event here:

This event will also be taking place in the wake of the very likely passing of SESTA (s. 1693) and before that the passing of FOSTA (H. 1865)–new severe anti-sex worker legislation that targets community harm reduction tactics and online advertising platforms.

Please show up for sex workers and survivors who ALL need access to safe working conditions, life/gender affirming medical care, stable housing, direct access to support funds, respect and bodily autonomy!  

No more criminalization! No more cops! No more “experts” speaking over us! Our stories are our own, not yours to build carceral careers from!

Event page for our counter-action here:

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