International Whores’ Day 2018

June 2nd, International Whores Day (also known as Día Internacional de las Putxs, PutaDei, International Sex Workers Day, Día Internacional de la Trabajadorx Sexual) is a day to gather sex working people, their co-conspirators, accomplices, loved ones and communities together in protest to demand an immediate cessation of police and state violence, the end of whorephobia, stigma and shaming, and call for the decriminalization of all sex work now! This is a day to assert collective power and make demands!We will gather at Christopher Park, across from the StoneWall Inn at 2pm on June 2nd. The NYPD has done its damnedest to push all the folx out, the very people who made that neighborhood a place of hustle and resistance. We say fuck those “clean up” tactics. Our action will begin promptly at 2:30pm with a human mic picket line. Each speaker will say their piece, and the rest of our picket line and participants will echo their words back–amplifying them for the surrounding area to hear! Bring your RED UMBRELLAS! Say with us:No more criminalizing legislation like FOSTA/SESTA! No more Massage Parlor or Strip Club raids!No more police entrapment tactics like “John Stings!”No more “Walking while black and trans” arrests or attacks from cops and violent clients!No more incarceration for sex work or self-defense!For more details about IWD:

Not everyone is or can be “out.” We support whatever level of identifying you decide for yourself. Wear wigs, big glasses and scarves if need be, press will be present.

If traveling to the demo is a hardship, we will have metro cards available.

Facebook event page:

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