Stop the War on the Whores

Yesterday, International Whores Day, was truly incredible. An action some of us had only dreamed of for years, brought about in a time of rage of necessary resilience in opposition to SESTA/FOSTA, criminalization and police. The organizing, and planning was daunting, even for those of us who were experienced at street protests. We had almost 500 people show up for sex workers in NYC, over 100 in Chicago and reports are flowing in from across the country of hundreds and hundreds more who rallied, marched, screamed and held space for each other yesterday. Anytime (criminalized and marginalized) workers mobilize for rights and protections, and in opposition to state repression and violence it’s a good thing. We are so thankful to all the amazing organizations who showed up in support and solidarity in NYC and Chicago, GLITS Inc., Survived and Punished, Moms United Against Violence and Incarceration, Organized Communities Against Deportations, Chicago Community Bond Fund, NLG Chicago Legal Observer Program, Justice for Alisha Walker, Red Bloom: A Communist Collective, NYC Strike Solidarity, NYC-DSA, The Sex Workers Project, Lysistrata and so many more! And to the individuals who spoke and screamed, thank you. Thank you for all your work, the labor, the care and commitment to community even when we’re rough on each other (which frankly is too often). Here’s to radical care and community, to more unapologetic, and bold actions that help smash the bullshit victimizing narratives. Here’s to taking back public space and shouting more about how cops rape. Here’s to solidarity and harm reduction through community protection. Here’s to DECRIM NOW and a better world for all working people. Here’s to an end to racism, transphobia and whorephobia. Here’s to FREEING ALISHA WALKER, GIGI THOMAS & ALL criminalized survivors of violence. Here’s to freeing them ALL!

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