We’ve got some important updates to reemphasize!

Two of our comrades had a great (albeit always frustrating because of COs and new prison visitation policies) visit with Alisha yesterday! We’ve got some important updates to reemphasize!

Alisha is so overjoyed by all the letters y’all send! If you’d like a response from LeLe in a timely fashion and in a manner that’s more comfy for her to write a lot using AND is the most affordable method on her end, please consider corresponding using Connect Network Messaging.

You can search Alisha, or any other pen pal by their last name, and “offender number.” Alisha’s last name is Walker, Y12381 and she’s at Decatur Correctional Center in the Illinois DOC system. Sending 20 “emails” only costs $4. She can get them directly on her hand-held device we bought her!

You can find more information here: https://web.connectnetwork.com/communications/messaging/

Great news!! Alisha’s comrade and roommate Tanya got the funds for furlough through generous donations from y’all and local area churches!!! Tanya will be able to go home to spend some time with her mother Vickie!! Alisha sends her love and thanks for this quick mobilization of support!

As always we’re able to visit and do prison outreach through y’all’s monetary support and our sex work. If you want to make sure Alisha has funds for commissary, email, phone and visits please consider donating here: https://www.youcaring.com/alishawalker-1147127

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