#NotLoiteringJustLiving Twitter Power Hour & Town Hall!

Tuesday, July 24th @ 12 pm – 1 pm Central





Background: On June 27th, 2018 Chicago alderpeople voted in an amendment to the Municipal Code 8-4-016 which will create the offense of  “prostitution-related loitering,” defined as “remaining in any one place under circumstances that would warrant a reasonable person to believe that the purpose or effect of that behavior is to facilitate prostitution.” Rahm has until Wednesday’s City Council meeting to veto the new law.

Links/Coverage: https://chicago.legistar.com/LegislationDetail.aspx?ID=3212895&GUID=52D017E9-CE15-476D-8594-EA9C8DC899EF&Options=ID%7cText%7c&Search=8319






https://www.villagevoice.com/2016/11/22/the-nypd-arrests-women-for-who-they-are-and-where-they-go-now-theyre-fighting-back/ (arrests in NY for similar ordinance)

Goal: Call Rahm’s office to demand a veto of this ordinance! Create momentum for future actions/meetings to strike down the ordinance.

Sample tweets:

TODAY between 12PM- 1PM we want people to call @ChicagosMayor and demand he veto this new anti-loitering ordinance which will criminalize our neighbors! #NotLoiteringJustLiving #RahmVeto

The Twitter POWER HOUR & TOWN HALL against the new criminalizing anti-loitering ordinance begins NOW! Join us to oppose carte blanche police profiling, surveillance and violence! #NotLoiteringJustLiving

We want YOU to flood the phone lines! Call @ChicagosMayor office (312) 744-3334 and demand he veto this dangerous ordinance! #NotLoiteringJustLiving #RahmVeto

This anti-loitering ordinance will impose fines of $50 to $500 on people who are already trading sex to meet survival needs, or are perceived to be engaged in sex work. #NotLoiteringJustLiving #RahmVeto

When you call: “Hi, my name is and I live in (Chicago neighborhood). I’m calling to urge the Mayor to VETO Municipal Code Code 8-4-016 amendments because they will harm to people who trade sex, including survivors of trafficking.” #NotLoiteringJustLiving #RahmVeto

Chicagoans: Familiarize yourself with the language of the racist, transphobic, anti-sex worker anti-loitering ordinance passed last month: https://chicago.legistar.com/LegislationDetail.aspx?ID=3212895&GUID=52D017E9-CE15-476D-8594-EA9C8DC899EF&Options=ID%7cText%7c&Search=8319 #NotLoiteringJustLiving #LetUsSurvive

This ordinance gives officers considerable discretion to mandate a five day jail sentence on a second arrest! This exposes people in the sex trade to more violence! #NotLoiteringJustLiving #LetUsSurvive #RahmVeto

According to the @chitaskforce, “while these bills purport to protect trafficking victims, they will subject sex workers to further surveillance and criminalization.” #NotLoiteringJustLiving #LetUsSurvive

What can you do right now to oppose this ordinance? Call @ChicagosMayor office (312) 744-3334 and demand he veto this dangerous new municipal code! #NotLoiteringJustLiving #RahmVeto

Increased arrests for street-based prostitution will only force more and more people – including survivors of trafficking – into the revolving door of the criminal legal system. #NotLoiteringJustLiving #LetUsSurvive

CPD can now declare “prostitution-free zones,“ where anyone deemed to be engaged in sex work must move out of sight/sound, for a period of 8hrs regardless of whether they live, work, obtain vital services, need to care for children or family members there. #NotLoiteringJustLiving

Failure to follow police orders per this new ordinance, runs you the risk of arrest. On a third offense, a person can be banned from the “prostitution-free zone” area for 30 days. Remember this ordinance targets neighborhood residents! #NotLoiteringJustLiving #LetUsSurvive

Criminalization drives people in the sex trade further into poverty, serving as a basis exclusion from the housing, employment, shelter, and assistance they need! It’s also a tool used by abusers to threaten, control the people they exploit. #NotLoiteringJustLiving #LetUsSurvive

An ordinance that criminalizes people for “looking like” they sell sex (skin color, clothing, gender expression) is no less harmful than one that criminalizes them for selling sex in the first place. #NotLoiteringJustLiving

In addition to more policing, vigilante “neighbors” and community watch groups looking to “clean-up their blocks” often engage in tactics like verbal and physical harassment, assault, and sexual violence against those they perceive as sex workers. #NotLoiteringJustLiving

Regardless of the professed intention, the reality is that anti-loitering ordinances are inherently about the policing of Black, Brown, trans and queer people’s bodies and access to public ways and space. #NotLoiteringJustLiving #LetUsSurvive

Sex workers and those trading sex are being policed from both sides: online via SESTA/FOSTA and on the street via anti-loitering ordinances. #NotLoiteringJustLiving #LetUsSurvive

There’s still time to undo this harm! Call and tell @ChicagosMayor to VETO this ordinance (312) 744-3334! #NotLoiteringJustLiving #RahmVeto

(Third image, poster art by Micah Bazant) 

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