From our Chicago comrades:

In 2016, T.B., a  Black transgender woman and sex worker, was involved in an interaction with a client and two other sex workers that resulted in an arrest for criminal trespass to vehicle. She accepted a plea deal that placed her on probation and requires her to pay $1,336.00 in restitution to the complaining witness (the client) along with probation fees.

She has tried to get the restitution forgiven or modified, but the judge has said that she will remain on probation until the amount owed is paid. She does not have the funds to pay this amount, and remaining on probation is preventing her from moving forward with her life. The remaining amount owed on both the restitution and the probation fees is $1,186.00.

This is an example of how the criminal legal system adversely impacts those who are poor and transgender. T.B. needs to complete her probation so she can put this behind her and begin working on her educational and professional goals, but is unable to pay this amount without assistance. Any amount you can donate to help reduce this debt is helpful and appreciated!

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