Updates from Alisha

We spoke with Alisha last night, and have some disappointing/upsetting and urgent updates:

She received word that her legal team’s latest efforts for an appeal have been denied by the Illinois Supreme Court. They have taken the case as far as they can, and as such, will no longer be representing her. There is one more legal course of action she can take, a writ of habeas corpus…she has 90 days to file this, and at this time is open to, but unsure if this is worth pursuing.

She is in need of a $400 filing fee to be a part of a suit against Cook County. We are in IMMEDIATE need of these funds to ensure she can be involved in this case. Please contact us immediately if you are or know a donor who wants to support her in this way. The deadline is October 14th to file. This is an urgent need! We are also still accepting donations toward this thru our fundraiser: https://www.gofundme.com/support-alisha-walker

On top of ALL of this…she has a sever cold, nasal swelling, chills, and a painful sore throat. What did the prison give her when she paid for and was finally able to visit the clinic? ONLY Ibuprofen and told her to “stop complaining.” She let us know that numerous fellow prisoners have had strep throat recently, and the flu is rumored to already be circulating. This lack of medical care is nothing new, but it’s a further punishment the prison visits on folx sick and inside.

As she was recounting these updates and upsets, she was also recommitting herself to struggle and organizing. Talking about her self-care plan and how she was preparing mentally and emotionally to fight back. This is our comrade. She’s strong and capable and used to the criminal legal system’s bullshit. She is not resigned, but rather, undeterred in doing what she needs to do to survive and take care of herself.

We will keep up the fight for clemency, support and care until our friend is free.


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