Shame on the NYPD!

Last year, the NYPD murdered one of our community members. On Sunday, November 26th 2017, 38 year old Yang Song died after a raid on her workplace in Queens the previous evening.

Meet at her former work space: 135-32 40th Rd in Flushing, for a vigil to remember and lift up our fallen comrade and speak out against police raids against Massage Parlors.

Please bring flowers and wear red. We will have paper and writing supplies for your to leave messages of love, remembrance and solidarity.


If these massage parlor raids continue more workers will die, be incarcerated, deported. Stop criminalizing sex work. Stop criminalizing working people. Stop targeting parlors.

Shame on the NYPD! Your raids are killing women! Your raids are destroying families, criminalizing survivors, deporting hard working people and terrorizing our communities! Get out of parlors and stay out!

How can these massage parlor raids be justified when women are dying?!

This event is endorsed by Lysistrata MCCF and The Sex Workers Project at UJC. Please let us know if your org would like to support/promote.

***We will have scarves on hand if you need to protect your identity, send us a message before the event.

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