From F2L:
We need people to join us this week as we do emergency trial support for Yusef Johnson, a young gay Black sex worker, who is facing 5 to 25 years in prison for crimes arising out of sex work contexts. The Manhattan District Attorney’s office has charged Yusef with multiple robbery charges. The prosecution is misrepresenting safety practices commonly used among sex workers (having a friend wait outside, sharing dates, safety planning, etc.) to support their racist theory that Yusef is part of a “gang burglary scheme.” Yusef is 24 years old and facing 25 years in prison, more years than he has been alive. Already Yusef has spent the last year on Rikers Island with no way to get out as his bail was set at $100,000 cash or bond. Yusef’s trial started last Friday and is expected to resume on Tuesday and finish on Wednesday at which point he will be found guilty or not guilty of the multiple charges against him.

We urgently need you to come out to 100 Center Street and fill the courtroom with us. We will gather at 8:45 am Tuesday and Wednesday and will stay until possibly 5:00 pm each day. If you are able to attend either of these dates for any length of time please fill out the google form:

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