Recent Video Visit

Just had a video visit with Alisha! Of course the quality of the video was terrible and the sound kept cutting in and out, but we perservered.

We caught up on organizing tasks for our collective, CO drama which seems never ending, and how she’s preparing remarks for Aaron’s students. 

She recited a sonnet she’s memorized from Twelfth Night for the Shakespeare program she’s been a part of for years at Decatur. She’s excited to channel her anger and grief into this year’s performance. 

We also worked on our statement of support for No New Jails NYC. Alisha is drawing on experiences of pre-trial detention in Cook County to counter rescue industry reformist garbage about the proposed plan to build new borough jails in NYC. She said it didn’t matter that she doesn’t live in NYC, because a plan to new jails anywhere must be stood against by everyone.

If you want to support Alisha, and our organizing efforts, please consider sharing our fundraiser and donating:

We’re still $700 away from being able to prioritize a post-release fund for our friend.

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