Today’s Video Visit

Just had a video visit with Alisha this morning! Of course the quality of the video was terrible and the sound kept cutting in and out, again. This has become expected, but no less frustrating. 

We caught up on organizing tasks for our collective, what she’s reading now (digging into some romance novels after finishing All Our Trials), Decatur drama, and recapped how the No New Jails action went on Friday–she loved getting to hear the recording of Jessica reading our statement! 

We made each other laugh, talked through some rough patches we’ve each been having and made some new commitments. We have to be a little cyptic these days, for inside organizing reasons. 

It was so good to see her and hear her voice. To hear her plan her release outfit (only 17 months away now!!!) She conveyed love and support to everyone who is taking to the streets to fight the NYC mayor’s jail expansion plan, and to everyone back in Chicago holding it down against Lightfoot’s cop-loving policies. 

If you want to support Alisha, and our organizing efforts, please consider sharing our fundraiser and donating:

We’re still $700 away from being able to prioritize a post-release fund for our friend.

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