It’s been just under a week since sex workers and accomplices converged on Harvard!

Hacking//Hustling @ Harvard was a truly life-giving and labor-affirming convening.

Here are just a few candids from the convening! In one, you can see Red holding a mic to the phone, sharing the floor with LeLe.

So much love and appreciation to everyone who helped Hacking//Hustling realize this convening. So much love to those who couldn’t be with us in person but who still played vital roles, like our comrades from DecrimNow DC and Alisha!

So much love to our fam who abstained from being photographed. You’re still “seen,” supported and loved!

Endless appreciation to Whose Corner Is It Anyway comrades for their knowledge sharing and their critical insights about supporting drug using and offline sex working people.

More resources and recaps will be added here in the coming weeks/months:

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