December 17th Protest Vigil and Community Gathering

Just got home from our December 17th protest vigil and community gathering. I kept thinking about what LeLe said on the phone this morning, “Tell people I’ve only got one more D17 inside, then I’ll be out there with y’all fighting. Remind people about all the hos in county and all us in here!” 

I’m feeling so many things. Mostly grateful and relieved to have a space to grieve and express collective love and rage. So much appreciation to Colette from CGLA for ensuring we had a warm indoor space to feed people and share projects and comrades who need support. Much love to La Flor Azteca for the beautiful and nourishing food! 

To all the folx who helped us hold space and speak names in the cold, thank you. To everyone who came to share space in comradeship and eat together, thank you. Organizing these gatherings and taking back/up public space is hard but so crucial. Here’s to mourning our fallen, holding each other with care and fighting like hell for the living, in the names of those taken from us. 

– Red 

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