Updates from Alisha!

Tuesday, 3/24 Afternoon Call 

LeLe, and many others inside, elected to get flu shots that were being offered by Decatur yesterday. 

Last night through this morning Alisha and others she knows on unit, including a close friend experienced allergic reactions as a result of the shots ranging from mild to serious. Alisha’s friend went into anaphylactic shock, unable to breathe, and was rushed to an outside hospital. Alisha does not know her friend’s current condition. After receiving her shot, Alisha experienced throat swelling and itchiness, overall body welts and general discomfort (this is her first flu shot since being inside). She said he welts and pain is starting to subside, but her throat is still very itchy and swollen. No other medical support has been offered or extended to folx managing these adverse side effects.

The new on-unit video visit GTL kiosk appears to be almost functional. LeLe saw them working on it this morning. She and others are excited for this because it likely means they won’t have to be strip searched and squat (which is typically required even for video visits) before using the kiosk on unit for visiting. 

LeLe sends love and solidarity to all those fighting for the release of incarcerated comrades, and strength to the hunger strikers. 

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