Video Visit Update


Just got off a video visit with Alisha! GTL cancelled our 50min and swapped with a “free” 15min but kept our money. She was able to use the new kiosk on unit which meant a little more comfort (durag on, makeup off), and no awful “strip and squat” search prior to our visit.

She’s being moved to another unit soon, like her friends before her. Decatur is compressing people, forcing them into even tighter/closer configurations than they’ve experienced before. The din in the background held the nervous, agitated voices of LeLe’s unit-mates and also the booming voice of the COs shouting at folx. LeLe looked lovely but self-described her look as tired and “over it.” She asked about Uptown People’s Law Center’s lawsuits and is excited about upcoming actions Survived and PunishedMoms United Against Violence and Incarceration, and Love & Protect are taking.

She sends love to everyone and also wanted to convey that it’s okay to feel pissed off; she’s pissed! She’s also thankful and energized to hear people outside are fighting to #FreeThemAll however folx can.

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