Level 1 Lockdown

We got word from Alisha last night (4/28/2020) that Decatur had put itself on “Level 1 Lockdown,” as of a few minutes ago we still believed she’d be able to leave her cell for scheduled video visits. 

However, an email she sent early this (4/29) afternoon that just posted notified Red that all video visits are being suspended until further notice.

 LeLe no longer has regular access to phone use or to showers. One person allowed to phones and showers at a time is what COs are instituting. She and her cellmates are being confined to their room for the entire day, a room she shares with 3 other people, who share a toilet with another 4 people on top of that. As of today, chow is being delivered again on trays directly to rooms. 

She said in the email, “they [COs] are now wearing gowns and placed hazard trash by each of our doors, and now they say there is no cases here… But since that girl had a fever they went through all this… So i think they are lying. And just wont tell us whats happening.”

We are calling JB every single day. We email his office every single day. We’ve been doing this. Please join us. Let’s get our loved ones out of these hell holes.

Call JB Pritzker and tell him this is torturous! Springfield offices: 217-782-6830 or 217-782-6831Chicago office: 312-814-2121

Email him via his contact form too: https://www2.illinois.gov/sites/gov/contactus/Pages/VoiceAnOpinion.aspx

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