Red’s Birthday Fundraising Efforts

It’s almost one of our organizer’s birthday! Let’s help them celebrate by raising much needed funds for S&P NY and for Alisha’s post-release fund! 

From Red: 

If you want to celebrate with me, please consider making a donation of any amount to Survived & Punished New York‘s Summer Mutual Aid Commissary Drive and/or to Justice for Alisha Walker’s post-release fund!

These two support funds are near and dear to me, and my preferred gifts would be making sure my friends and comrades inside New York State prisons have what they need, and that my bff LeLe has emergency release support and what she needs when she comes home.

No cash? Trust me, I totally empathize. Please share these fundraisers instead.

Share this link to support S&P NY:

Share this link to support LeLe through call-in campaigns, social media blasts, and contributions to her fundy:

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