Free Chrystul Kizer Updates

From one of our comrades with Free Chrystul Kizer

Yesterday Chrystul’s request for a reduced bail was DENIED by the judge. Graveley used yesterday’s hearing as a way to deny Chrysul’s survivorhood as a survivor of sexual exploitation, to deny risks she faced/s to the coronavirus in pre-trial jail & deny Chrystul’s right to self-defense. WE ARE NOT BACKING DOWN! We know that Chrystul is a survivor and that her actions saved her life!

We are calling on you to continue uplifting her story, let DA Graveley know that Chrystul is a survivor of sexual exploitation and send Chrystul letters of love and support so she knows we are here and not going anywhere!!!

Stay tuned for more calls to action coming soon…..

In the meantime: 
Call & Email DA Mike Graveley at:

and say/write: 

“Hi! My name is _________ and I am calling to let you know that Chrystul is a survivor and she should not be punished for surviving! Drop all charge and free her now!”

And please please please send Chrystul some love at: 

Chrystul Kizer (ID: 138378)
Kenosha County Pre Trial Facility
1000 55th St Kenosha, WI 53140

Art by Kah Yangni 

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