July 8 // Actions to support Alisha!

Starting at 10AM cst! Call throughout the afternoon! 

Phone/Email/Fax Jam for LeLe + demanding an end to solitary confinement (aka SEG) + the immediate release of everyone caged inside IDOC! 

Sample Letter/Email/Fax/Call Script: 

My name is _______, and I’m (calling/writing) to demand an end to solitary confinement (aka “SEG”) and retaliation against the self-organizing amongst incarcerated people currently caged by IDOC. Recently, Alisha Walker, a criminalized survivor of gender-based violence was punished, again, this time for naming and attempting to raise awareness about the ongoing mental and physical health crises of people currently incarcerated at Decatur Correctional Center during this global pandemic. Alisha and a few others attempted to draft and share a letter with the warden outlining their concerns and paths to better, safer living and working conditions. 

For this act of community love, Alisha was targeted, threatened with bodily harm and then removed to an interrogation room for over 4 hours. From there she was put in solitary confinement (aka “SEG”) for five days. Among the already tortuous conditions of severe isolation, she was also not allowed clean clothes, any form of communication with outside friends, family, lawyers, showers, anything to read or write with, or any privacy while using the toilet. She is now being denied access to commissary shopping, the only way to access edible foods and necessary hygiene items. This must stop. 

I demand the immediate end to this hyper-punishment being used against Alisha. End the torture of solitary confinement and the blatant retaliation policies against those trying to reduce the harms they and their fellow incarcerated comrades endure every day while in prison, especially now during a pandemic. 

Free Alisha Walker, free them all! 

IDOC (217) 558-2200 x 2008 
Gov’s Office 217-782-6830 or 217-782-6831 or 312-814-2121


Send a free Fax using (https://faxzero.com) to (217) 782-3560

MORE RESOURCES HERE: bit.ly/AlishaAdvocate

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