Updates from Alisha as of Tuesday, 7/14

Alisha sends her love and appreciation to everyone who’s been calling, writing, emailing and faxing to support her clemency and to demand an end to solitary confinement and punishment against inside organizing. She asks to please keep it up! 
Please see bit.ly/AlishaAdvocate for how to get involved! 

So far, there has been only one incident that we’ve heard of involving a covid positive staff member. Alisha mentioned that they increased the amount of time temps were being taken but that it’s obviously still impossible to social distance in prison, and new masks are only administered every Friday. 

A “100 series” category 105 “Dangerous Disturbance” ticket has been administered against LeLe. No witnesses were called in her internal process per even the prison’s policies. She said they made it clear she was “guilty before she was able to speak her case about her actions.” 

So far, she has not been “C Graded.” Meaning, she can still have a 20min phone use time per day, get ConnectNetwork emails usually, and receive video visits. However Decatur hasn’t rescheduled her legal call access yet, since the last one they denied. 

She and her fellow roommates had a recent scare, one of her new roommates suffers from seizures and had an extended one a few nights ago and it took COs far too long to respond. As of our call, the roommate had not returned from “healthcare” (the medical wing). Alisha and her fellow roommates fears for her well-being. 

She’s been focusing on writing and drawing–really channeling her recent traumatic experiences enduring solitary confinement into reflective and healing pieces. 

We have also set up a new status check every two days to make sure we know exactly what Alisha’s status/grading is so we know her communication access.

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