Updates from LeLe: 7/25

Alisha got word to us last night that she’s at Logan, still very concerned and has been put in lockdown (no regular phone use, no video visits) for 12-13 more days. 

They won’t disclose how long it will take to “move her commissary funds” to Logan from Decatur, so we’ve sent new funds that she can hopefully access after lockdown. She’s without much of her personal property which “is still being transferred.” She has no art supplies, no books, no writing materials until those deliveries happen. 

She does have her tablet and so she said the best way to communicate immediately is through ConnectNetwork emails. You can also begin sending her physical mail at Logan–we’ve updated the mailing information here: 


And as always, you can put IDOC and the Gov’s office on blast for the abuse, mistreatment and health jeopardizing acts that they’ve subjected Alisha and her fellow incarcerated community to!

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