Update as of Wednesday, August 5th!

Alisha is finally out of quarantine/isolation after her forced relocation/transfer to Logan prison from Decatur prison. She just got a call out to Red and wanted some updates shared! 

She’s beginning to recover from stomach/digestive issues that were a result of her not having access to safe drinking water or edible food for the past two weeks. Her only source of drinking water was from the small sink in her cell and COs told her not to drink from it starting about 5 days ago because it “wasn’t safe.” They wouldn’t comment further. She was eventually brought a bottled water. The chow meals were bad/inedible (almost as bad as cook county she said). So she wasn’t eating much. 

She was able to shower this morning and was very relieved to have that “luxury” again. 

She’s been put on D Wing, which is bringing up a lot of trauma responses for her. She’s trying to process and keep herself calm, but the terrible memories of last being kept on this wing are a lot to handle. 

She’s working on finding her people, and building up a community for herself inside. 

Email via ConnectNetwork is still the best form of correspondence for anyone wanting to reach out! 

She still hasn’t received word about her property transfer or if her Decatur mail will be forwarded. 

She sends love, solidarity and thanks to everyone who keeps her name circulating and to all those who send support funds! 

As always, check out bit.ly/AlishaAdvocate for more on how to support and take action for LeLe!

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