Generative Virtual Letter Writing Gathering + Fundraising event

Event facilitator Donna G!

Register here:

This letter writing workshop series is conducted to raise post- release funds for a dear friend and comrade Alisha Walker. Learn more about Alisha here:

During this generative letter writing workshop you will learn: Things to keep in mind before you begin writing to an incarcerated person.
Best practices of letter writing and expectations. E- Correspondence suggestions. Prompts for new letters, and ideas for content.

ALL Participants will receive:
Gentle constructive feedback on any writing you create during the session. Genuine warmth, validation and encouragement to continue writing from community members and the facilitator. Printing, shipping and mail support for sending your letter generated during the workshop.

First dibs sign up for Donna Gary’s donation based poetry workshop series with limited space in April and May. Participants who donate 15.00 dollars or more will receive: One zine from the Support Ho(s)e zine store shipped to your home.

For requests about accommodation please email with ‘Letter Writing Party’ in the subject. This event will be auto captioned via Zoom. This event will not be recorded to respect the privacy of attendees.

The pdf of the letter writing training is on our website at this link:

Workshops are hosted virtually over zoom: Saturday April 10 1pm-2:30pm CST
Wednesday April 14 1pm-2:30pm CST
More dates coming soon depending on feedback, donations and engagement from the first two events.

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