New Stable Link for our SW Syllabus!

We’ve created a more web stable link to our Sex Work Syllabus document. We continue to hope this archive of our internal political education reading group materials (from 2015 – 2018) is useful for your self-guided or group organized learning/discussing/making!

During those first few years of our organizing, we voraciously read, watched, listened to and discussed everything we could gain access to. This meant we read a lot of excellent, insightful, but also mediocre and downright wild stuff. It was all important and relevant to how we formed our own ideas, politics and shared analysis together. All of those discussions and debates also informed how we embarked on our first zine making project together, and how we continue to create and revisit the resources we’ve put out into the world.

A screen capture of our SW Syllabus sheet’s first few entries.

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