“Cultural Resistance to SESTA/FOSTA: Reflecting on Community Curation” – via Kernel Magazine

A color photograph of protest signs on posterboard and cardboard, with slogans written in red and black marker.

From one of our comrade’s latest published pieces, “Arts-based and cultural elements of organizing are often seen as superfluous, but I consider centering the cultural and artistic works of radical sex workers and co-conspirators as a way to imagine our futures collectively and honor past struggle. We change ourselves and the spaces we take up when we create, especially collectively. When our creations, be they artistic, technological, or work-safety focused, are created to undermine systems seeking to ostracize, oppress, and kill, they hold such power. Part of organizing a community is tapping into collective power, decision making, and political education, and wildly imagining together. This last element is what I’m most concerned with in these reflections — the ‘how to’ of aesthetically and culturally undermining violent systems. Questions like: What feels possible when you allow yourself to express unbridled rage and joy? What sorts of tools for rest and liberation would we fashion if we had unfettered access to resources? What can we vision-make together in the name of freedom work?”

Read the full article here.

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