Equitable Care Certification, launches!

Amplifying a new project one of our comrades, Alisha, is involved with!!

The Equitable Care Certification (ECC) is created by sex workers, sex work-affirming therapists and sex working therapists; it is composed of the Equitable Care Coalition & the Curriculum Committee. The Equitable Care Coalition broadly supports the creation of the certification through outreach, marketing & consulting. The Curriculum Committee—led entirely by QTPOC, sex working therapists— creates all course content. ECC is overseen by two sex working therapists, Raquel Savage & Angie Gunn LCSW, CST.

Read more here: https://www.equitablecarecert.com/goals

Meet their crew here: https://www.equitablecarecert.com/who-we-are

Big love and congrats to the comrades organizing!

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