Chicago Zine Fest 2023 Recap!

Chicago Zine Fest 2023 was a (mostly*) magical time!

Many thanks to all those who stopped by our table on Saturday (5/20/23) to talk, ask questions, voice support and solidarity! Big love to all those who supported our organizing and mutual aid efforts by buying our zines!! Our core crew was able to all gather, spend time talking with folx about our favorites things: abolition, decrim and of course our zines for practically the entire day! It felt so good to be around so many supportive and affirming zinesters and the communities who came out to show love. S/O to the comrades Midwest Books to Prisoners, Chicago Books to Women in Prison, DC Books to Prisoners and of course Zine Mercado, Zine Club Chicago, Quimby’s and Rebirth Garments!

(CW/TW: stalking)*

Near the end of the event, we had to deal (again) with a stalker who has escalated from online attacks under different names to gloating about these violent actions irl. It was scary and enraging! We want to especially thank the CZF organizers and volunteers who moved into action in the ways *we* needed to feel safe (not involving cops etc). We refuse to be intimidated by this person. We will continue to keep each other safe. Sex workers and criminalized survivors are not to be fucked with, we have seen and been through too much.

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