Updates from Red’s recent visit on June 28th

Last week Red drove out to visit Alisha again, and LeLe had some new asks to share!

-She is so overjoyed by all the letters y’all send! If you’d like a response from LeLe in a timely fashion and in a manner that’s more comfy for her to write a lot using AND is the most affordable method on her end, please consider corresponding using Connect Network Messaging. You can search Alisha, or any other pen pal by their last name, and “offender number.” Alisha’s last name is Walker, Y12381 and she’s at Decatur Correctional Center in the Illinois DOC system. Sending 20 “emails” only costs $4. She can get them directly on her hand-held device we bought her!

Emails don’t work for you? No problem just let her know when you write and please keep sending those physical letters of love and support to LeLe at:

Alisha Walker – Y12381
Decatur Correctional Center
PO BOX 3066
Decatur, IL 62524

You can find more information here: https://web.connectnetwork.com/communications/messaging/

-LeLe has decided to investigate college programs!! She is looking into college correspondence classes that accept Second Chance Pilot Pell Grants currently and recommendations from any current or formerly incarcerated students! Please send along any info or insight you may have!

-She’s currently reading “Invisible No More” by Andrea J. Ritchie and says that it’s a “…damn difficult but incredible read.” She’s about halfway done right now and plans to write a short review!

-The prison is still limiting how many books she’s allowed to have at a time. So she’s still advising people to hold off on sending books as gifts HOWEVER she is in need of composition notebooks! These can be ordered via amazon and mailed to her mailing address listed above. The prison does not allow the “black and white” comp book cover style though. So if you’re feeling generous, please send any other cover color combo. We know…it’s a ridiculous policy. One of exceedingly many.

-The prison is still censoring her mail. It seems that her regular writers (Red included) are unable to send zines and photographs or lengthy letters anymore. We’ve been in direct correspondence with the mail room officers at Decatur, the property officers at Decatur and the intake staff. No one can give us a straight answer, if they even decide to respond. So if you are writing to Alisha, please try to send photos–let’s see if we can get some through to her!!

-LeLe sends her love and appreciation to everyone for continuing to support and encourage her to read, organize and resist during her incarceration.

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