Chicago Community Bond Fund

A huge thank you to the Chicago Community Bond Fund for inviting the Support Ho(s)e collective and our comrades to lead a teach-in (shout out to our co-presenter LL!) on the intersections of sex worker advocacy and money bail/prison abolition. We covered the basics of Sex Work 101, expanded on current dangerous criminalizing legislation and its impact as well as how to show up and demonstrate meaningful solidarity with sex working people and those trading sex. We also talked about the cases of Alisha Walker, Gigi Thomas and Judith Mleczko and how we can better support criminalized survivors if we understand the complexity of sex work, survival sex and labor trafficking. Advocating for the decriminalization of all sex work and trade and prison/police abolition are a match made in radical community heaven. Get on board.   

(photo credit to MM of the CCBF)

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