A comrade of Alisha’s, Tanya Haemer #R87472 is in need of financial support immediately. She is seeking furlough through the Clinical Services of Decatur Correctional to spend time with her dying mother, Vickie.

Vickie has been struggling with COPD, only has 17% lung capacity and stage 4 cancer in her bones, liver and bladder. She has been remitted to hospice care. Vickie’s church, Grace Bible Fellowship out of Moline, IL has raised some funds already. Tanya still has to pay for this furlough request. This is unbelievably inhuman, although unsurprising of prison policy.

Tanya needs our help. She has $472 left to raise so that she can travel to see her mother and be with her family as they help Vickie rest and be comfortable.

You can give to Tanya directly, the prison will move the funds from her books to Clinical Services, by putting money on her books here: https://jpay.com/FirstTime.aspx?Search=R87472&State=IL

Alisha is asking that you show up for Tanya and her family the way you’ve been showing up for her.

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