Today we’re turning 3 years young as a collective!!!

In late March of 2016, we organized our first demonstration in solidarity with Alisha Walker and all criminalized/incarcerated sex workers who had survived violence. It was our first formal action as a collective. 

Since then, we’ve fundraised, visited, developed friendships and organized alongside LeLe, protested, found pro bono legal aid for her, and launched a grassroots campaign for clemency.

We developed a syllabus for politicial education reading groups for our sex working comrades and accomplices in adjacent queer communities. 

We’ve taken public space, held teach-ins, trainings and workshops to demand rights, respect and protection of sex working people. 

We’ve created art and print resources like zines, posters, banners and more to artisitically intervene with sex workers’ resistance in visual culture. 

We created toolkits for Media and Health & Wellness professional to become sex work competent and create ethical conditions for working with sex workers.  

We’ve been honored to work closely with Alisha’s mother Sherri and family and help facilitate numerous articles to highlight her case.

We’ve expanded into organizing work in NYC, and are helping to build radical community amongst current and former sex working people and co-conspirators.

We can do a lot more as a community and need to. We’ve got to keep lifting up our incarcerated sex worker family and work to get them free.

Thank y’all for all your support along the way. Please keep sharing, keep writing LeLe, keep telling folx that she should be free.

We’ve got a long fight ahead of us, but having these years behind us, we’ve learned a hell of a lot.

On our birthday today, please consider making a contribution to Alisha’s commissary and visitation fund:

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