Video Visit with Alisha Walker

The morning of Saturday, March 23rd, Alisha called and said she’s being refused a slip for our rescheduled video visit this evening.

Right now there is nothing closer to Hell for someone on the outside, trying to reach someone caged, than talking to prison COs on the phone, and trying to get answers to anything at all. I am livid and so tired. On hold, transferred twice, on hold.

The total hold time exceeded 25min.


We just finished our video visit! Long story and a lot of run-around from the COs again which resulted in us being cheated out of 20min of our hour, but still we got to see each other!! The COs claimed that they were unaware of the scheduled visit even though I was able to provide a confirmation number and timestamp from my payment for the visit.

Th sound and visual quality during this visit was also so much worse than previous visits. There were mutliple lags in connection, where we were unable to hear each other, the image would pixalate out and distort, at one point there was such intense reverb and echo we had to stop talking completely.

The image is a screen grab during a visit, Alisha was trying to make light of how pixalated it was making her face–this is actually fairly excellent visual quality compared to the rest of the visit. 

– Red

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