A resounding thank you to everyone who showed up for sex worker comrades last night!

Thank you to Decrim NY, Red Canary Song and our hosts Bluestockings Bookstore, Café, & Activist Center for making this possible!

Over 100 people turned out and shared space. Amazing artists, activists and organizers talked Decrim, police/prison abolition, direct action, creative resistance, queer liberation, honoring trans elders and leadership, supporting incarcerated criminalized survivors and even wheatpasting tactics!

We lifted up Alisha’s story, art and poetry and people donated to her commissary and visitation funds through zine purchases!

What a beautiful and resistance-fueled gathering!

Thank you to our artist comrades who shared their labor and creativity to make our wheatpasting poster designs, Micah Bazant, Ashleigh Shackelford, and Em Ulsify.

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