Protect Trans Community: Make 2 Calls Today

Today Decrim NY is doing a call storm to urge state legislative leadership to pass our two bills (repeal the “walking while trans” ban and expand criminal record relief for trafficking survivors) before the end of the session. The loitering repeal bill has passed out of committee in the Assembly, while the record relief bill has passed out of committee in both the Assembly and Senate, so WE ARE CLOSE & NEED YOUR HELP FOR THE FINAL PUSH.

Please take a few minutes today to complete these action steps:

Make 2 calls using their script in the image.

Ask your friends to make calls too – text or email the graphic to them!

Share the graphic on social media w/ this tweet:
I’m calling @CarlHeastie @AndreaSCousins @SenGianaris @CPeoplesStokes to urge them to repeal #WalkingWhileTrans ban & expand record relief for survivors THIS SESSION! Our LGBTQ, undocumented communities cannot wait! Can you take 2 minutes to make 2 calls today? See script below

Share these tweets on social media:
In 2018, there were 152 #WalkingWhileTrans arrests: 49% Black, 42% Hispanic, & 7% white. 80% of people arrested were identified as female. These discriminatory arrests must stop now! Pass S2253/A0654 now! cc: @CarlHeastie @AndreaSCousins @SenGianaris @CPeoplesStokes

No trafficking survivor should have a criminal record that reminds them of the trauma of their exploitation & prevents them from accessing housing, employment & immigration status. Pass A06983a/S04981a now! cc: @CarlHeastie @AndreaSCousins @SenGianaris @CPeoplesStokes

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