Updates from LeLe during this on-going pandemic:

Red spoke with Alisha on Friday (3/13), and LeLe said Decatur is going on lockdown.

All in-person visitation has been cancelled, and video visits are tentatively going forward, but that it is unclear if GTL tech staff will be allowed into the prison for technical support and administration of video visitation. LeLe also mentioned that the GTL staff were working on installing a video visitation kiosk on unit but that she doesn’t know what the ETA for it going operational will be.

As of now, Red and Aaron have a video visit with LeLe scheduled for this coming Thursday evening.

LeLe said no one she knows is sick, and that she and those she’s talked with on unit are being proactive and buying soap at commissary (the hand sanitizer they are offered at commissary has no alcohol content, which means it’s virtually ineffective).

As of an email we got from LeLe today (3/15):

All activities have been cancelled (including educational classes, other certification courses, and their Shakespeare rehearsals) except for Chow and Gym, but she said the COs said those are next to be cancelled too.

They’re currently only being allowed two 20 minute phone calls a day.

We’ll keep you updated on what Alisha wants shared! Right now, we’re asking our community to please share and circulate these resources and demands:



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