Updates from Alisha!


More updates from Alisha, as of this afternoon! 

Red and LeLe had a check-in call, LeLe’s voice was bright and hopeful. Alisha let us know that so far no one inside Decatur is sick/showing signs of symptoms, commissary is still open, and soap is still available. LeLe is super worried about her fellow incarcerated family however, because so many of them are immunocompromised and the “care” they all receive inside isn’t really care. 

She was horrified by the news of some prisons cutting off access to commissary and care-packages. She said, “We all rely on shopping to survive. How will they survive without commissary?”

She also let us know that regular phone use has been reinstated, and that gym and chow are still happening for now. Our video visits are still on, and LeLe encourages everyone who doesn’t have this GTL account to set it up, as well as the Connect Network email, because folx are really feeling even more isolated without access to in-person visits while on lock down. 

Alisha said the prison is taking precautions about the CO’s health, but doesn’t feel like it’s enough. She’s been following the Governor’s statements and efforts and is hopeful, but also expressed that even when people get things right on the outside, folx on the inside are the ones left behind. 

Alisha wanted to express support for the CCBF‘s actions and demands that everyone be released to prevent an outbreak at Cook County. She said, unless Cook County releases everyone, they’re condemning folx to illness. 

She’s also very worried about friends and comrades at Logan, it’s almost impossible to get word about their well-being. 

Even though her Shakespeare practice and her classes have been cancelled for now, she’s practicing her lines, doing math problems, and working through her introduction to soil horticultural science text on her own time. She very recently got some surprising but positive family news, and is processing that and feeling excited for the relationship-building opportunities that presents. 

LeLe sends her love and well wishes to everyone. 

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